Wedding ideas on a budget waives off the effect of price rise

Budgeting | January 17, 2011 at 12:05 am

We all get exhausted daily as our pockets become thin by the pressure of price rise. Yet we cannot overlook special occasions like birthday party, New Year’s celebration, Christmas and wedding. Wedding has special significance in everyone’s life and needless to say every individual wants to make his/her wedding a memorable event. But while planning to make your wedding a special one you cannot ignore the harsh realities, which includes rise in every market. Be it a product or a service, you cannot escape the effects of inflation. I have seen many people within my acquaintances, going for unconventional ideas to organize their wedding that fits their budget. Such wedding ideas on a budget are specially designed to make the event look splendid.

List of wedding ideas on a budget

Selecting the place for wedding is an important job. You need to find a place that can accommodate you friends and folks easily. Generally, the ceremony halls charge less on Fridays so you can fix the wedding accordingly. The season of marriage has also an impact on the ceremony hall’s price. You will save plenty when you book the hall for off season.

I have seen people organizing their wedding party’s at public places like parks. Such parties look quite unusual and the space is not a constraint in a park. This idea will help you to save a lot.

The wedding dresses for the groom and bride surely needs to be decorative. I have attended wedding where the adorned dresses of bride and groom are marvelous and so are their prices. There is a good idea that can help you get dresses that are branded, beautifully designed yet costs less. This will require a bit of net surfing. You need to search for the closeouts of wedding dress manufactures. Almost every branded dress manufacturers offer closeouts and news on such items are abundantly available on the web. You can easily find one for you and your partner.

Wedding day and dress hold a special place in every man’s life. And an extremely costly wedding will hardly make your wedding memories sweet. You will be busy in paying off your debts rather than enjoying your honeymoon. So make your plan with these wedding ideas on a budget to make your marriage ceremony unforgettable and affordable too.

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