Tourism of Japan suffers great loss and it will count more

News | March 28, 2011 at 4:05 am


The disaster of Japan is undoubtedly massive and the country at present is grappling with the recent situation of reconstructing greater part of its northern region. The country has suffered a massive earthquake of 9 recter scale which unleashed a deadly tsunami. The loss of life and damage to properties has leveled several northern cities of Japan including some parts in Tokyo. The country is suffering from the possible fears of nuclear meltdown. When the situation is so grave in Japan the Euromonitor International Nadejda Popova analyses the impact of the calamity on the tourism of Japan.

Although the recent focus on Japan has made the economy stricken with several dangers yet the country was not is a very safe position before this catastrophe if we consider the financial position. During the recession of 2008 Japan was highly affected and just before the tsunami it was suffering from unemployment and high public debt.

A seismically active place Japan is always well known for its ability to cope up with earthquakes. It is popular for its quick reactions in natural crisis like earthquake. There had been manifold problems in Japan like food crisis, rolling power cut because of shortage of electricity, transport problem as all roads and flyover are damaged beyond use. Additionally one more trouble is looms on Japan and that is the drop in tourism flows. Due to the recent natural disaster the people are canceling their trip to Japan. A huge number of people are getting replaced from the country to their homeland and even Japanese people are shifting off from Osaka. The damages to property are high and thus the infrastructure of Japan has suffered a great loss. Some of the popular airlines like Lufthansa, Air China etc have already cancelled their flights. Moreover the hotels, which are internationally scalable are bring down their rates to woe tourists. The tour operators have also cut their charges but almost 50%.

In general the country is about face a major set back in tourism revenue in near future.

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  1. Travelocity e-voucher code says:

    This is very devastating! I pray for all the victims and I know that they can stand up again. Despite the tragedies, japan will remain a strong country.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I cried a lot when I saw what happened in Japan, Even if I’m not from Japan I sympathize for there lost. I believe that Japan will overcome these kind of disaster soon. I’m always praying for the safety of the people out there. Especially that the disaster in Japan has not yet ended until now.

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