Things to Know Before Switching Jobs

Employment | August 1, 2010 at 12:05 am


Hopping jobs, though not a fad, is more of a sport for most of us. We apply for all available jobs in the market and we have become proficient on how to tackle interviews. The only reason why we keep switching is better pay, friendlier atmosphere, ideal manager, and supreme work conditions.

This seems to be an unrealistic, never-ending hunt. However, if you dig deeper, you may even get a job that fulfills all your demand. But there is much more to a job than just receiving higher salary and better work conditions. This is why it’s imperative to explore a bit further before accepting any job.

Apart from usual questions like ‘Will I be paid for overtime work?’, and ‘How flexible is my job?’, there are fee other questions that needs to be answered before you take up any job.

Is My Future Employer Financially Strong or Even Stable?

Times are tough, and switching jobs is becoming more difficult than ever. You don’t want to be employed in a company things to consider when switching jobsthat may lay you off in few months. Only getting a high salary doesn’t mean the company is financially strong. Before you join any company know more about its finances and future growth. There are several ways to do it. Some of the best ways is to check its past record, reviewing financial statements, and exploring employment history.

How Would You Know If Your New Employer is About to Go Bankrupt?

If you are about to join a public company, its financial statements would be easily available. You can review it yourself of get it reviewed from a broker or financial consultant. Check what’s the Net Profit, Gross Profit, Inventory, and so on. However, if it’s not a public company, you will have to ask your employer about the financial status, employment details, long term goals, and so on. If the status is strong, you will get clear, straightforward answers. However, if the company is not in good condition, they would be hesitant to give out these details. Do not join the company if you don’t get satisfactory answers. I know it’s difficult to reject a high-paying job. But don’t take up a job that has the potential to ruin your future.

What’s the Work Culture of Your Future Employer?

Most people quit job not due to lower salary or no growth, but poor work conditions, improper behavior of managers, lack of ethics, and other social factors. Most quitters are not satisfied with their job and work culture in office. Hence, if you are looking for professional success and long term relation with the company, make sure you choose an employer that has good working conditions. You will be more productive at work, if you happy and satisfied.

Work environment certainly plays an important role in any job, and should be one of the most preferred criteria while selecting a job. If the company has flexible schedule, low turnover rate, co-operative team work, employee motivation program, and other such facilities, it is probably a workplace you must miss.

Job Description

Never make choices and decisions based on the Job Description of the position. Most companies have Human Resource and Communication department, who are experts at writing job descriptions, and embellish it with attractive words. Hence, it’s important to discuss your role during the interview, and know everything about your day-to-day tasks.

One of the best ways to assure you are at the right place is having a healthy conversation with your manager before joining the company. If it works out well, and you get all answers satisfactorily, you can make your career move easily.

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