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  • Simplifying Savings>
    Simplifying Savings
    One of the main causes of recent economic crisis in our country was that we did not have the habit of SAVING. Whenever we had money in our hands, we would instantly spend it, without thinking about the future or our financial position. We were all used to being highly dependent on credit cards and used to spend more than we actually had to begin with. Let us forget about all the mistakes we made earlier, and now start afresh. So, in the present situation, each one of us is aware about the importance of savings in today’s life. The importance of savings has been clearly established, but one question keeps hanging above our heads, like a ticking pendulum. HOW CAN I SAVE MONEY? Here are simple ways to do it. 1.      KEEP A TAB Note down all your expenses in a journal. List it according  [...]
    at June 10th, 2010 at 01:06 pm
  • Protect Yourself From Bad Economy With A Good Financial Armor!>
    Protect Yourself From Bad Economy With A Good Financial Armor!
    The bad economy has made this world a battlefield where you’ve got to protect yourself from the attacks of your enemies, such as, debt, excessive spending and financial illiteracy which have already wounded many of us. Your financial armor should be made up of foolproof ways in which you can cope up with the financially adverse situations created by these conditions. Many of us are aware of the bad economy, but most think it has happened due to reasons beyond our control and we are not to blame for it. I do agree, but if our financial armor would have been really strong, our enemies would not have wrecked our lives the way they have now. Had we been a bit wise in our money saving methods, our financial security umbrella would have protected us from these rainy days. A bad economy may be the  [...]
    at October 3rd, 2009 at 01:10 am