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  • Money Smartness And The Human Mind Connection>
    Money Smartness And The Human Mind Connection
    What does your frugality quotient show? Does it increase as you grow older? Or do you feel you’ve reached a point where your frugality has attained a steady level from which it refuses to nudge? Or do you think that you have reached the pinnacle of fiscal enlightenment and are sliding down the slope right now? Well, this is individualistic. Behavioral economist, David Laibson and associates have conducted a study and released a report on how the levels of monetary wisdom change with age. In their very interesting  paper “The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions over the Life-Cycle with Implications for Regulation” which is yet to be released, they say that though your experience and age help in increasing your fiscal wisdom till a certain stage of your biological growth, with oldage ,  [...]
    at November 25th, 2009 at 01:11 am
  • Don’t Stop Your 401(K) Contributions!>
    Don’t Stop Your 401(K) Contributions!
    Contributions to the 401(K) retirement savings seem to have reached a low in the present times, owing to the scarcity of money and job layoffs. Insurance savings of all types have seen a low and many companies stopped the 401(K) plan. Ford Motor, Motorola, Eastman Kodak all have stopped their 401(K) retirement benefits to their employees for some time now. When the economy improves you’ll see everything returning to normal. But don’t stop your 401(K) contributions because there are still a lot of benefits by continuing the contributions. Tax Advantage 401(k) is known for the tax benefits that it offers. Your contributions for the 401(K) will be reduced from your gross income which will automatically lower your taxable income. Keeping this money in your savings or any unqualified account  [...]
    at October 14th, 2009 at 01:10 am