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  • Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation: Secured and Unsecured Ones>
    Personal Loans for Debt Consolidation: Secured and Unsecured Ones
    Debt consolidation is an obvious and quite helpful option for people finding it quite difficult to manage their debts. These loans have lower interest rate and longer repayment tenure, which makes it better than your current loans. Broadly, there are two types of debt consolidation loans, a secured one and an unsecured one. However, there are many factors one need to consider before going for debt consolidation. Loan Amount: Ones decision of availing a secured on unsecured loan depends on the amount of loan he or she needs. If it’s a small amount preferably between $350 and $7,000, it’s advisable to procure an unsecured loan. However, people with a bad credit history and requirement of funds above $5,000 must go for a secured loan because availing an unsecured might be difficult. Rate  [...]
    at February 23rd, 2010 at 08:02 am
  • Should Personal Debts Be Restricted?>
    Should Personal Debts Be Restricted?
    Most of us have borrowed money for some reason or the other. There’s nothing wrong with debts as such because it helps in economic growth. You take a loan, invest it wisely, get returns and then repay the loan. There’s no healthier system than that. But when your loan goes beyond your repayment capacity, real problems crop up, for you. Surprisingly, many of us don’t see the logic that we shouldn’t borrow more than what we can repay or our calculations go wrong! This is the reason that its felt by financial experts that the loan sanctioned should be restricted or based on a number of categories like your salary, your savings, your credit history and other loans etc. These days with credit cards and store cards in abundance, taking debt has become so easy that it has become an indulgence.  [...]
    at September 23rd, 2009 at 01:09 am