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  • Personal Finance Tips in a Nutshell>
    Personal Finance Tips in a Nutshell
    As mentioned earlier in many of my earlier posts, I have learned lots on my journey from debt laden to debt free life. Hence, I decided to share my experience, learning, and personal finance tips, through this blog, to people around the world. Here are few things I would like to share, a must-read for all personal finance readers. This is a list of conclusions I have derived, which might help you to learn more about our attitude toward our finances. You don’t really have to spend money to learn personal finance management. Those financial products like money saving software, budgeting DVD’s, a kit of personal finance tips, etc. are all useless. Although I have suggested debt consolidation companies in many of my articles, I think that’s a waste of time too. If you aren’t an idiot,  [...]
    at April 12th, 2010 at 01:04 am
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    What You Should Do In The Case Of an Identity Theft
    Identity thefts seem to be a common thing these days and even the savviest amongst us don’t seem to be immune to this menace. If this could happen to chairman of Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke and to personal finance expert and coach Harraine Freeman, this can happen to anybody. In both cases purses that carried the financial credentials were stolen from their cars. Bernanke’s wife Anna’s purse that carried his credit cards, social security card, checkbook, and IDs was stolen. On similar lines Freeman’s purse that contained her health insurance card, driver’s license, check book, car registration and house keys was stolen. In both cases bank transactions were done by the thieves and money was withdrawn from their accounts. Upon this rapidly growing crime, Bernanke says, “Identity  [...]
    at September 11th, 2009 at 11:09 pm