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  • It’s Time To Learn From The Bear, Not Harness The Bull!>
    It’s Time To Learn From The Bear, Not Harness The Bull!
    If it weren’t for this recession being an investor you’d have thought about umpteen ways to carve your niche in the bull markets. But circumstances suggest that you learn things from this bear market and implement your knowledge wisely to make less risky and profitable investments. Here are certain enlightening tips that you could use to make your investments in the present conditions and prepare yourself better for a similar eventuality if it ever happens in future. Don’t Follow Media Blindly If you’ve kept yourself updated with the happenings on television, you might know about how Daily Show host John Stewart took to task Mad Money host Jim Cramer for wrongly advising people to go for Wall Street investments in preference to savings and retirement 401k.Watch the interview on Indecision  [...]
    at September 14th, 2009 at 02:09 pm
  • Should You Invest In Index Funds?>
    Should You Invest In Index Funds?
    Index funds seem to be quite a good investment option for you these days especially while you’re nursing the financial wounds that the recession has made on you. They are low-cost investments and involve low market risks. Though they don’t give you whooping returns, over a period of time they grow steadily to give you good returns. This is the reason many retirement accounts are replete with index funds. has listed out 10 of the most competitive index funding opportunities based on their asset bases and inputs from financial advisors. The list is topped by Powershares QQQ with a YTD return of 35.6 %. Schwab Fundamental US Large Company stands 2nd in the list with a YTD return of 34.9 % followed by Rydex Equal Weight S&P with a YTD of 30.4 %. RevenueShare Large Cap, Vanguard  [...]
    at September 7th, 2009 at 04:09 am