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  • Steps To Achieve Your Money Goals>
    Steps To Achieve Your Money Goals
    How rich do you want to be in your lifetime? If you’re a college student you might say that you want to become one of the top ten richest men or women of this world. I understand, that your tremendous positive thinking, energy and emotion might have prompted you to say that. Fine! That’s well enough. But do you know how many people in this world have actually grown to accumulate the kind of wealth they have dreamt of in their lifetime? Reaching your money targets is not all that easy as you’ll be faced with a lot of planned and unforeseen expenditures in your life. Even external conditions like the present recession and inflation can play havoc with your financial endeavors. To achieve your goals you need to plan in a methodical manner and that involves planning in stages. Direction is  [...]
    at September 11th, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Important Numbers to Manage Your Finances>
    Important Numbers to Manage Your Finances
    Nowadays personal finance advice abounds the internet and even other media. When I walk by the streets I come across numerous banners saying “Best personal finance consultancy for the last 50 years”. One thing that beats me is that despite such a lot of knowledge available around us, why are quite a number of us inefficient at managing our finances? Even those who have taken professional advice or have tapped the online resources are not better off with their money management skills. Why is it so? Are we not getting that most effective tip that we want, or are we non-learners, or are our circumstances not allowing us to follow what we know to be the most appropriate? Till a few days ago the economy slump wounds were pretty ripe. It’s only now they seem to be healing and all of us are  [...]
    at September 4th, 2009 at 03:09 am