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  • Experienced Advice In Investment>
    Experienced Advice In Investment
    Advice on investing your money comes in abundance these days, but how can you be sure that you are getting the best of it? You visit a financial advisor, or a website or a magazine and try to get information. A lot of these are good at guiding you. But, only a person who’s had first hand experience in investing can give you the best possible because he’s gone through the entire process and knows the pros and cons of taking a step. Here are some tips that I’ve gathered from personal experience as well as by observing other investors. Start Young As most good things in life, making investments when young also pays off well. Compound interest works the best over long term steady growth of assets. You have ample time with you for making your investments grow at a slow and steady pace. Register  [...]
    at September 16th, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Should You Invest In Index Funds?>
    Should You Invest In Index Funds?
    Index funds seem to be quite a good investment option for you these days especially while you’re nursing the financial wounds that the recession has made on you. They are low-cost investments and involve low market risks. Though they don’t give you whooping returns, over a period of time they grow steadily to give you good returns. This is the reason many retirement accounts are replete with index funds. has listed out 10 of the most competitive index funding opportunities based on their asset bases and inputs from financial advisors. The list is topped by Powershares QQQ with a YTD return of 35.6 %. Schwab Fundamental US Large Company stands 2nd in the list with a YTD return of 34.9 % followed by Rydex Equal Weight S&P with a YTD of 30.4 %. RevenueShare Large Cap, Vanguard  [...]
    at September 7th, 2009 at 04:09 am