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  • What is considered a Good Credit Score in 2010?>
    What is considered a Good Credit Score in 2010?
    Although there are various disadvantages of credit, one cannot deny the fact that we can’t live without it. No, this doesn’t mean we like it. However, due to many inescapable circumstances, we have to borrow money. However, borrowing is very difficult in the US if you fail to maintain good credit score. However, what is considered a good credit score? Before I directly give out the ideal number, let me define few things first. To avoid complication, let us use the most common type of score – FICO Scores. FICO Score of an individual is calculated based on the credit information given by three chief credit rating agencies, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. The FICO software is used by all these agencies to calculate an individual score because it’s impossible to gauge a person’s  [...]
    at February 16th, 2010 at 05:02 am
  • Find Out The Credit Card That Best Suits You For Holiday Shopping!>
    Find Out The Credit Card That Best Suits You For Holiday Shopping!
    Getting geared up for shopping for the festivals? Obviously, like other times you must be thinking of swiping you credit card for your purchases. But just wait! Do you own the card that is most suitable for you? Just check! You might want different kinds of benefits for shopping from your credit card companies. But all credit card companies don’t offer the same benefits. So, firstly, find your shopper personality and then take the card that best suits your personality: Shopper 1 I don’t clear off my credit dues every month, maintain an average credit score, and also pay up late once in a while. The cards that you could opt for: US Bank Skypass Visa Secured at an annual fee of $50 and 16.99 % APR Wells Fargo Secured Visa Card at an annual fee of $18 and 19.99 % APR US Bank Visa Platinum  [...]
    at November 18th, 2009 at 01:11 am
  • One More Reason for a Good Credit Score– Cellphones>
    One More Reason for a Good Credit Score– Cellphones
    Did you know that cellphones are one more reason for a good credit score? If you have a good credit score you not only get benefits like a car loan or mortgage but you also get to bag cellphone services for cheap. If you maintain a good credit score, your cellphone service providers will be only too happy to extend to you the monthly airtime facilities. If you want to get some real good perks see to it that you maintain a good credit score. A bad credit score will only make the cellphone companies do some tough pedaling with you. For example, they are going to hike your monthly fee or ask you make some security deposit. If your score is very unimpressive they might even refuse to offer you any services at all. I wonder how AT&T users are paying up a security fee of $800 as a penalty for  [...]
    at November 2nd, 2009 at 01:11 am