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  • Personal Budgeting: An Essential Priority>
    Personal Budgeting: An Essential Priority
    Be it family, government, entrepreneur, employer, corporate world, event manager, budgeting plays a vital role. Budgeting is a financial plan listing all our income or revenues and all our expenses. It is the plan which is essential to run our life and business smoothly and efficiently. Budgeting involves earning, spending and saving. Budgeting can be done on a simple paper or on an excel sheet, the purpose is the same to keep a firm grip on our expenses so that we do not exceed our expenses over our income and try to save for a better future. In a personal family budget the head of the family has to work out his monthly budget in such a way that he allocates the right amounts to each requirement of every family member. Personal budgeting involves the budgets for: Housing rent or mortgage. Food  [...]
    at May 17th, 2012 at 05:05 am
  • Personal financial planning: to do or not to do>
    Personal financial planning: to do or not to do
    Now don’t get me wrong. I know fully well that personal financial planning is something that we all must do. My only question is whether I should do it myself or leave it to some expert on behalf of me. The thing is that I don’t trust most of these financial planners. Most of them seem to have their own vested interests and it becomes very hard to trust someone when they become more of a broker than an adviser. Over time, many financial advisers have tried to talk to me about signing up with them, but I think this requires trust more than anything else and none of them seem particularly trustworthy. So all I end up saying is “thanks, but no thanks” as I stonewall all of them into submission. You see, it’s just not complicated in the slightest to do my own personal financial  [...]
    at December 6th, 2010 at 05:12 am
  • Money Smartness And The Human Mind Connection>
    Money Smartness And The Human Mind Connection
    What does your frugality quotient show? Does it increase as you grow older? Or do you feel you’ve reached a point where your frugality has attained a steady level from which it refuses to nudge? Or do you think that you have reached the pinnacle of fiscal enlightenment and are sliding down the slope right now? Well, this is individualistic. Behavioral economist, David Laibson and associates have conducted a study and released a report on how the levels of monetary wisdom change with age. In their very interesting  paper “The Age of Reason: Financial Decisions over the Life-Cycle with Implications for Regulation” which is yet to be released, they say that though your experience and age help in increasing your fiscal wisdom till a certain stage of your biological growth, with oldage ,  [...]
    at November 25th, 2009 at 01:11 am