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  • Find Out The Best Payment Option For Your Financial Advisor>
    Find Out The Best Payment Option For Your Financial Advisor
    A financial advisor is your guru in finances who enlightens you on your path to financial prosperity. Many investors depend totally on the guidance of their financial advisors. Especially during the economically weak period you desperately need a financial advisor to cruise you to safety regardless of whether you want guidance in personal or business finances. When a financial advisor is such a vital person you should be aware of the most ideal way of paying him/her. If your financial advisor is happy, you’ll be happy. So take care that you pay him/her in the best possible way. Some advisors like to take their pay thorough session to session fee while others want to take their payments as commissions. The mode of payment is not actually as important as the amount paid but there’s no harm  [...]
    at September 25th, 2009 at 01:09 am
  • Important Numbers to Manage Your Finances>
    Important Numbers to Manage Your Finances
    Nowadays personal finance advice abounds the internet and even other media. When I walk by the streets I come across numerous banners saying “Best personal finance consultancy for the last 50 years”. One thing that beats me is that despite such a lot of knowledge available around us, why are quite a number of us inefficient at managing our finances? Even those who have taken professional advice or have tapped the online resources are not better off with their money management skills. Why is it so? Are we not getting that most effective tip that we want, or are we non-learners, or are our circumstances not allowing us to follow what we know to be the most appropriate? Till a few days ago the economy slump wounds were pretty ripe. It’s only now they seem to be healing and all of us are  [...]
    at September 4th, 2009 at 03:09 am