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  • What Is Recovery With Unemployment High?>
    What Is Recovery With Unemployment High?
    You might have heard in recent times about the fading recession and the recovering economy but is there reason no for us to rejoice when unemployment is so high? According to Labor Department reports August 2009 saw an unbelievable percentage of 9.7 % in unemployment which his the highest since the last 26 years! With such a large mass jobless can we think that we are in anyway in the proximity of economic progress? Salaries might have increased for the already employed and people’s spending powers might have increased in the past few days which might make us think that the economy has improved. But when so many people are depressed because of job losses we cannot think that any kind of major economic progress has been made. The recession has hit the psyche of the common American negatively.  [...]
    at September 12th, 2009 at 04:09 pm
  • Recession Is Fading- Is It Right Time To Ask For A Pay Hike?>
    Recession Is Fading- Is It Right Time To Ask For A Pay Hike?
    You’ve endured the recession and waited patiently for things to get better before you tried for that personal incentive called promotion from your boss. Now since things have started looking bright don’t you think you should start off with your professional upliftment program? Or do you think it’s too early? For some companies which haven’t been affected much by the recession, the economical improvement signals a new era of growth and prosperity. If you’ve been working well all this time and have been in the good books of your seniors, you can go ahead and ask for a promotion or a pay hike. But if your company was deeply wounded by the recession and is bandaging its wounds, it’s ethical for you to be patient for some more time and then strike upon an opportunity to speak with your  [...]
    at September 3rd, 2009 at 04:09 am