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  • A New Approach to Budgeting>
    A New Approach to Budgeting
    By now you must have come across countless number of budgeting tips which are good to read but are found to be ineffective when you apply them in practical life. Do you know why? Most of them ask you to list down your expenditures and suggest unrealistic spending targets. You try to follow them, but obviously can’t. Most of them ask you to cut down on your expenditure on entertainment etc. but is it possible for one to survive without any entertainment? The new approach to budgeting does not actually ask you to cut out on any of your expenditures but to adjust them in such a way that you don’t overspend. According to the new approach, making monetary predictions is one of the most foolish things that one can do. How can you say for sure, how much you are going to spend on what at the beginning  [...]
    at January 21st, 2010 at 01:01 am
  • Who Says You Cannot Party If You Are On A Budget?>
    Who Says You Cannot Party If You Are On A Budget?
    Usually when you decide to go a budget, you tend to slash your expenditures related to entertainment. Along with dining out, going on a visit to theaters and splurging on your favorite junk food, partying is one of the first things that are thrown out of the list made for budgeted expenditure. The latest economical epidemic has made partying an unaffordable luxury for most of us and many families are settling down for low- budgeted modest gathering with friends. If you are one of them, here’s some good news for you. You really don’t have to compromise with your enjoyment by slashing down on most of the entertaining features of your party. A party will not be worth calling a party if you do that! So just enjoy …but know how to by not burning a hole in your pocket. Even celebrity party  [...]
    at December 21st, 2009 at 01:12 am
  • Why Should Recession Make Your Wedding a Seasonal Affair?>
    Why Should Recession Make Your Wedding a Seasonal Affair?
    Marriages are made in heaven. But sadly enough we don’t live in heaven after that. We come to this earth where money rules and we’ve got to plan our weddings once more according to our financial capabilities. No more is it like in God’s land where marriage is a matter of two compatible souls. It’s more a matter of compatible wallets today! Apart from gifting your partner there are a lot of expenses involved in the celebrations! Well we don’t mind that actually because it’s a once in a lifetime, oops sorry…a supposed-to-be once in a lifetime occasion (these days rising divorce rates have made marriage a multiple times affair!)! But when you’ve suffered the recession, do you think you have enough money to host a gala event for the occasion? If you think you don’t, no need to  [...]
    at September 15th, 2009 at 04:09 am