Simple Tips to Save 25% Gas Bill

Saving | January 25, 2010 at 1:01 am


The gas price per gallon seems to be rising incessantly. But don’t fret, here are some very simple tricks that will help you to save around 25% of the gasoline cost. How? Here is it.

The first 20% can be saved by driving and maintaining your car efficiently. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Remember that faster pace means more resistance against wind. This friction causes your fuel economy to drop.
  2. Drive smoothly with patience, less fluctuation in acceleration, and minimum usage of brakes. That doesn’t mean don’t apply brakes and start bumping your car everywhere. Apply when necessary.
  3. Use of overdrive except you are ascending a steep slope.
  4. Make use of cruise control, which means drive at a stable speed with stable acceleration and not using brakes, when on freeway. You cannot do this on hilly areas.
  5. Don’t drag your car much at lower gears. Quickly move to higher gears and keep the RPM low.ways to save money on gas bill
  6. While on a slope, go at a higher speed before climbing, rather than generating speed on the slope.
  7. Don’t overdo warm-ups. Newer cars generally don’t need much of idling. 1 minute is enough.
  8. Merge everyday jobs with short trips. This will save much fuel. All you need to do is stay alert and plan how you can consolidate trips.
  9. To increase efficiency of your car, the engine needs to be maintained properly. Poorly maintained engines causes a drop of 20-25% in fuel efficiency.
  10. You will notice improved aerodynamics with smooth edges. Hence, always keep your car cleaned. Did you know that sunroof is also a distraction in smooth aerodynamics?
  11. Use the Formula 1 rule. Lighter car = increased speed and better fuel efficiency. With increase of each 100 pounds, the efficiency drops by 1-3%.
  12. Get rid of the ice on your car, it jams the engine, increases rough friction and increase weight of your vehicle.
  13. The tire pressure is very important factor in fluctuating fuel economy. It’s important to keep it inflated at the right level every time. Over inflated tire can burst easily, which eventually reduces the mileage. Under inflated tires drags your car at a slower pace than usual, reducing mileage again.
  14. Make it a habit to change your vehicle’s oil on a regular basis. Less or old oil creates more friction.
  15. While you are driving in the city at night or early morning, when the weather is cool and pollution is less, roll down the windows, instead of switching on the A/C. If it’s required, keep it low.
  16. However, keeping windows open on a freeway increases friction and distracts the smoothness of aerodynamics. Keep the window rolled up and switch on the A/C at low level.
  17. IF possible, don’t drive during peak hours, when traffic is usually high. Or you can opt a bit longer route but with less traffic.
  18. As soon as realize you don’t need snow tires further, remove them because the suppleness exerts much pressure to haul the car.

These are small but really useful tips. Follow them for a week and you will definitely notice a 15-20% reduction in usage of gasoline. Next tip to save some money is by getting a 3% or 5% cash back card. A famous one is Discover Platinum Gas Card. Also, Citi Dividend Platinum Card offers 5% cash back at almost every gas station, grocery and drug stores. A website offers in depth info on how to use such cards.

It’s wiser to check where the cheapest gas is available at and However, it’s worthless if you drive at the cheapest gas station that’s 40 miles away. So, keep a watch on the prices at nearby stations, and visit the cheapest among them.

While you buy a car, instead of focusing just on amenities and looks, check out the mileage. Opt for a car that gives very high mileage because in long run, you will be left only with miles per gallon calculation. The looks and amenities would be obsolete soon.

Even if you have a car, it is not mandatory to drive it every time. You can occasionally walk, ski, ride a bike or scooter, or take public transportation.

These tips wouldn’t cost you anything, but will definitely assist you to save around 20-25% of your gas bill.

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  1. Leo says:

    This is the most common problem all over the world!

  2. Michael says:

    People will always cry whether the car is fuel efficient or not.

  3. Nash says:

    These are very useful tips for saving fuel. Specially for youngsters who believes only to ride or drive fast as if their winning the race

  4. Obi says:

    Every car claims that its fuel efficient but it all depends on the person driving the car.

  5. Paul says:

    I would also suggest to regularly tune up the car so that life also increases with fuel efficiency.

  6. Ron says:

    Stop the car if on a red signal because fuel is consumed when the car is on and its idle.

  7. Shane says:

    Never try to stretch the car’s speed on a lower gear, this will effect the engine and ultimately the mileage.

  8. Tania says:

    Always tend to make it a point that not to increase your speed again an again.

  9. Valentino says:

    Don’t on the A/c for small routes as it also effects on fuel consumption.

  10. Warner says:

    This article has covered all the possible ways to save your gas.

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