Prepaid Cellphones Seem To Be Hot Favorites Now

Finance | October 20, 2009 at 2:20 am


The prepaid billing system seems to be replacing the post paid system very soon in the cellphone industry. Many cell phone subscribers are finding the prepaid option very attractive in comparison to the post paid because you only pay for the services only when you want to use them, you’re only charged call charges. The post paid billing systems on the other hand; require you to pay up monthly subscription charges as well as maintenance charges apart from call charges. Now, that being a more costly option, customers are shifting over to the prepaid system, especially during these weak economic times.

The prepaid polarization does not seem to be favored much by the wireless service providers because they relied heavily on postpaid connectivity services for their income. But some of them have started concentrating more on the prepaid market now and as a result of this, there is competition amongst them for bagging the numero uno position of the service provider market.

When there is such a boom in the prepaid service sector, you’d naturally want to know the pros and cons of the prepaid subscription if you aren’t yet having one. Here’s what you’ve got to look for:

  • If you want to see low monthly charges for your cellphone, the prepaid cell phone plansprepaid option is good for you. You need not pay a minimum of $70 monthly charge now as you did in your post paid schemes. The prepaid plans start from as low as $10 per month. If you are talking for 200 minutes or lesser, you could go for this. But there are some really good schemes for people who talk for 1000 minutes or more than that.
  • The prepaid plans give you a lot of flexibility in terms of commitment. You can take up the one month talk duration scheme and assess the services. If you like them you can continue with the services or discontinue and switch over to another service provider. You don’t have this flexibility with the post paid scheme in which you’ve got to remain committed for a relatively long period of time, such as, six months or one year.

Subscribing For Prepaid Is Not Beneficial For You Under The Following Circumstances:

  • If you are in the habit of making a lot of calls, or travel frequently, theprepaid cellphones per minute call talk charges, as well as  the roaming charges are higher than the postpaid plans. In such a case, a post paid connection is going to be very beneficial for you.
  • Cell phone service providers provide expensive feature-loaded phones with post paid connections only. The wireless service providers don’t offer a lot of features like internet surfing with prepaid services. You can use prepaid only for conversing verbally most of the times. Voicemail, sending extra text and such features are generally not allowed with prepaid plans.

On the flip side, you’ll not be able to enjoy some premium wireless networking services. For example, the iPhone services don’t come with that. The roaming facilities are also pretty discouraging.

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  1. Faraz says:

    This should be done everywhere. Post paid is always a fraud i reckon.

  2. Yerzhou says:

    I use prepaid and I’m very happy beecause that helps me to control my phones and text as I have to also refill it again.

  3. Warren says:

    Prepaid is the best! Post paid always increases the bill amount with different types of taxes and you never know where your bill amount increases from.

  4. Buffon says:

    I believe all the youngsters should have prepaid only so that they can control their phones and also learn the worth of every penny spent.

  5. Sandy says:

    I am a post paid user and switching soon on Prepaid. My post paid bill is increasing every month though I’m trying to control again and again.

  6. Clinton says:

    Now a days prepaid service also gives the same facilities what you get from post paid connections. I don’t agree with the last paragraph.

  7. Era says:

    There are many problems if you are on contract. you have to be with the same service for particular period thought he service goes bad after some months.

  8. Sam says:

    Postpaid services are so unfair. You have to pay compulsary some monthly charges though you not using the minutes or the calltime given by them.

  9. Rossi says:

    I am a business man and I do keep a prepaid phone but only for emergency. For me post paid is the best as I tend to travel a lot in the world and don’t even have time to refill it again and again.

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