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  • Obama’s Saving For Retirement Goodies Look Good!
    Saving for retirement seems to have been a hassle for many of us. Even though I wanted to save up, I could not because of the bad economy and survival issues in the present times was the priority. But now the Obama retirement savings schemes seem to have made it easy for us to save up something for that period when we’ll not be earning anymore. According to the Bloomberg report , the President on  radio coverage says that the savings of the nation is “essentially zero”. He says, “We cannot continue on this course. And we certainly cannot go back to an economy based on inflated profits and maxed-out credit cards.” Its rather alarming to know that 78 million Americans that constitutes half the work force don’t plan for retirement! According to treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, ““Working Americans should be able  [...]
    Posted at September 11th, 2009 at 02:09 pm
  • Steps To Achieve Your Money Goals
    How rich do you want to be in your lifetime? If you’re a college student you might say that you want to become one of the top ten richest men or women of this world. I understand, that your tremendous positive thinking, energy and emotion might have prompted you to say that. Fine! That’s well enough. But do you know how many people in this world have actually grown to accumulate the kind of wealth they have dreamt of in their lifetime? Reaching your money targets is not all that easy as you’ll be faced with a lot of planned and unforeseen expenditures in your life. Even external conditions like the present recession and inflation can play havoc with your financial endeavors. To achieve your goals you need to plan in a methodical manner and that involves planning in stages. Direction is the keyword for moving towards your financial  [...]
    Posted at September 11th, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Golden Advice for Gold Investments
    Gold – that yellow lustrous metal has enchanted people for long. Not only the royal but even the common men have adorned themselves with gold. Unlike diamond and platinum, gold is not meant for the rich alone. And that’s what I like about gold. It’s within the reach of those who can afford to buy it with a bit of effort. Maybe that’s why people are thinking of investing in gold. Today, the good old gold is offering great investment opportunities due to its stable market value in the tough economic times. You might have heard about diamond investment opportunities being considered in the present times, but unlike diamond, gold has the advantage of higher re-salability and lower cost. You can consider investing in gold seriously now. However, you should remember certain things while going for gold investments. The “Scamology”  [...]
    Posted at September 10th, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Fashion Is More Affordable Now!
    Most of us want to look like fashion gods but tell me, honestly, how many of us are able to buy any stuff that’s really ultra modern?  How many of us go to a high-end fashion mall and end up window shopping out there. Well, there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about this. You can discuss such incidents out here with me because even though we might not want to discuss it, most of us are sailing in the same boat.  This is the reason many of us just remain trendy but cannot climb up to the pinnacle of fashion. It takes a late Michael Jackson or an Angelia Jolie to be really fashionable but not the more common Jerry, Sammy and Philips (our next door buddies) or I for that matter. I’m not cribbing friends. I’m just talking reality. Recession has made things worse. When you’re struggling to make your bare necessities meet, how  [...]
    Posted at September 9th, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Occasional Extravagance Is Good For Your Health!
    Recession has taught us to be thrifty with our spending. Even the most lavish spenders amongst us have taken some measure to cut off upon a lot of expenses. As revealed by the Commerce Department, Americans have been saving up 5 % more than what they used to last year. Also many industrialists might be rejoicing that the consumer confidence index of 54.1 % as released  by the conference board shows the increased buying capacity of people, but I’d like to impress upon you that increased capacity for spending in no way is related to actual spending behavior and people have been hoarding more money despite their elevated spending status. The worst hit area of our lifestyles was entertainment and pleasure spending. We’ve restrained ourselves for so long and we cannot bear to take this anymore! The human psychological makeup is tuned  [...]
    Posted at September 8th, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Should You Invest In Index Funds?
    Index funds seem to be quite a good investment option for you these days especially while you’re nursing the financial wounds that the recession has made on you. They are low-cost investments and involve low market risks. Though they don’t give you whooping returns, over a period of time they grow steadily to give you good returns. This is the reason many retirement accounts are replete with index funds. has listed out 10 of the most competitive index funding opportunities based on their asset bases and inputs from financial advisors. The list is topped by Powershares QQQ with a YTD return of 35.6 %. Schwab Fundamental US Large Company stands 2nd in the list with a YTD return of 34.9 % followed by Rydex Equal Weight S&P with a YTD of 30.4 %. RevenueShare Large Cap, Vanguard Total Stock Market, iShares Russel  [...]
    Posted at September 7th, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Important Numbers to Manage Your Finances
    Nowadays personal finance advice abounds the internet and even other media. When I walk by the streets I come across numerous banners saying “Best personal finance consultancy for the last 50 years”. One thing that beats me is that despite such a lot of knowledge available around us, why are quite a number of us inefficient at managing our finances? Even those who have taken professional advice or have tapped the online resources are not better off with their money management skills. Why is it so? Are we not getting that most effective tip that we want, or are we non-learners, or are our circumstances not allowing us to follow what we know to be the most appropriate? Till a few days ago the economy slump wounds were pretty ripe. It’s only now they seem to be healing and all of us are busy bandaging the wounds. So well, I must  [...]
    Posted at September 4th, 2009 at 03:09 am
  • Recession Is Fading- Is It Right Time To Ask For A Pay Hike?
    You’ve endured the recession and waited patiently for things to get better before you tried for that personal incentive called promotion from your boss. Now since things have started looking bright don’t you think you should start off with your professional upliftment program? Or do you think it’s too early? For some companies which haven’t been affected much by the recession, the economical improvement signals a new era of growth and prosperity. If you’ve been working well all this time and have been in the good books of your seniors, you can go ahead and ask for a promotion or a pay hike. But if your company was deeply wounded by the recession and is bandaging its wounds, it’s ethical for you to be patient for some more time and then strike upon an opportunity to speak with your seniors about a career upliftement or  [...]
    Posted at September 3rd, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Real Smartness Is About Money-Smartness!
    Hey college students! Did you know that real smartness is about money smartness? As you might think smartness is not about wearing those impressive pair of designer clothes and walking out on the streets and getting attention from passers-by and friends. These days smartness means much more. Gone are the days when parents would fund you and you’d have a whale of a time partying around with your closest connections getting everything that you desire in this world within minutes as though your parents were Aladdin’s jinn! Now you’re a grown up individual and must understand how difficult it is for your dad and mom to get that buck for you. Well, you might argue that you’re a rich guy and your parents don’t work that hard, but if you ask your parents you’ll come to realize that its their hard work and frugality that is paying  [...]
    Posted at September 3rd, 2009 at 04:09 am
  • Ditch That Expensive Computer, How About A Netbook For Your Kid?
    Gone are the days when you’d have to shell out a fortune for expensive computers or laptops for your kid. These days, you get technology at much lower prices. For the uninitiated, they are the cheaper version of the laptop. When big brother laptops are so very expensive, you can go for netbooks that will give you almost the same features of a laptop computer for all practical purposes. Nokia 3G seems to be the latest one on the block which is not for students only but for working professionals as well. Of course this will be slightly expensive than the other netbooks, but it’s worth the cost. Apple and Acer are amongst other companies that have come up with good netbooks. Why am I talking about netbooks now? No, I don’t want to present them as a poor man’s remedy for recession. There’s another good reason for my recommending  [...]
    Posted at September 3rd, 2009 at 03:09 am