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  • Rising Number Of Youth Opt To Purchase A House
    With economic globalization, western influences, rising incomes, secured investments being the prime concern of the present generation buying a home remains one of the top most priority of every youth today. Housing is a basic need besides food and clothing, and owning a home is fundamental to one’s life and contributes a great deal in boosting the confidence of the young generation. Despite economic boom or slow down, buying a home remains main of the top most priorities in the must do list of the youth of this nation. The youth of today feel that owning a home makes them feel motivated to achieve success in their career and owning a home makes them feel anchored and there is a sense of peace and security, which enables them to focus on other areas of life at a very young age. Today the youth prefers to buy a home which gives  [...]
    Posted at November 8th, 2012 at 01:11 am
  • Changing Face of Retail Business In India
    The retails business in India has seen a drastic change in the last few years, and domestic retailers are changing their business models to brace up with the tough competition that they are facing with the opening of the 45 billion USD retail industry. From the traditional locations of residential or high streets, retails brand are moving up to enter shopping malls to have a direct competition with their high end foreign counter parts on a same level playing field. With real estate costs working out more reasonable at these complexes, brands are shifting focus to massive size stores to enhance product offerings. Logically the rentals are around 15% of the retailers brands turnover at a mall as against 25 to 30% on a high street and sales have been growing twice as fast in shopping malls as against the traditional high streets. The  [...]
    Posted at November 1st, 2012 at 04:11 am
  • What To Do In Case You Lose Important Documents
    Lets’ discuss a situation where you have lost very important documents and they could be your property documents or school certificates or bank deposits, or passport and it becomes a night mare for you to live a normal life without these documents. To mitigate your losses in case of loss of your precious and important documents it is imperative that you may follow some steps and initiate the process to recoup your loss of documents. In case you lose your property documents, you must file a police complaint regarding the same and issue a public notice in two leading newspapers and keep the news paper clippings with you. This step will help you to collect duplicate proof of the property ownership and may assist you in getting relevant land records of your property. In case the bank loses your property documents it must immediately  [...]
    Posted at October 18th, 2012 at 01:10 am
  • Domestic Air Travel At Its Lowest
    Domestic air travel is at its lowest in last 7 years and the fall is quite steep. The air travel recorded in July this year is 10% less than the figure for July 2011. India has been witnessing a steep negative growth in the domestic air travel and the reasons attributed to this - The fares are too high and considering the weak economy, recession, inflation, passengers are reluctant to shell high fares for domestic travel by air and rather travel by other modes like train or bus. Some of the airlines have taken cost cutting measures like reducing the commissions paid to travel agents; which in turn has impacted the sales of tickets as travels agents are not too keen to promote sales at reduced commissions. New airport charges levied on passengers has discouraged people from travelling on domestic sectors. With Kingfisher almost out  [...]
    Posted at October 16th, 2012 at 06:10 am
  • KYC to be used for insurance policies
    KYC (Know Your Customer) was used by most of the banks for its accountholders and customers. KYC gives the bank complete information of the account holder and is mandatory for banks to obtain the same from its customers, failing which according to the RBI directives the account may be closed. KYC has become a important tool of identification as same now may be used by the insurance companies for issuing insurance policies. Several investors have shied away from buying insurance policies due to the complicated process and a lengthy documentation involved. To simplify the process of insurance, the insurance companies will soon implement a policy where by the check done by the banks by the way of KYC, will be used for the insurance policy, and this will ensure more investments in the insurance sector and the common man will be more  [...]
    Posted at October 11th, 2012 at 11:10 pm
  • Price Rise and Indian Economy
    There is a feeling that the growth prospects for the India economy have declined sharply. The Indian economy is battling price rise which is hurting the common man, recession, inflation, hike in fuel prices, job cuts, pay cuts, political instability, down grading by the credit rating agencies. The picture seems to be grave and the economy is paralyzed with FDI investors shying away from making any new investments in India due to the bureaucratic hassles. The government is also not sending positive signals to the investors to pump more money as all projects under pipe line are at a standstill as no ministry is willing to clear projects fearing that they might be investigated by the judiciary if there is a smell scent of corruption in the project. It is a slowdown in the industrial production as there is no demand; agriculture produce  [...]
    Posted at October 11th, 2012 at 06:10 am
  • India is getting younger as it is becoming a country of youth
    The youth of India today is ambitious, and has a great earning capacity and an impressive ability to spend money and the youth today is the most important factor for translating the consumer brands in to sales. The youth of India is brand conscious, and loves to flaunt his newly acquired wealth and status by shopping the best of the brands. The youth of India is the changing face of the business, with the family taking a back seat in shopping and spending and the youth taking over as the average age of the consumer is changing and becoming younger. Sales, statistics, surveys all point to these surprising facts- Finance now easily available the first time auto buyers are now in the age group of 30 years as compared to 45 years earlier. Average age of consumers in the white goods industry has also reduced by a decade to late 20s. Post  [...]
    Posted at October 8th, 2012 at 04:10 am
  • Prices Of Oil Impact The Economy
    While falling oil prices are good for the growth of the Indian economy, the drop in the coal prices may not help the power producers. Lower energy costs are always welcomed by the growing economies and the international oil and coal prices have come down quite significantly in the last few months. The price of the barrel of oil in the international market has gone down from about 120$ per barrel to almost 100$ per barrel. Global oil consumption is declining since the end of 2011, and on the other hand the world has been producing more oil than it is consuming, and the number of new oil fields discovered has multiplied. The Indian economy will be the biggest beneficiary of the drop in fuel costs as diesel, the biggest petroleum fuel sold in India is already being sold below the commercial price, pump prices are unlikely to go down,  [...]
    Posted at October 6th, 2012 at 03:10 am
  • Renting A House Made Simple
    From next year renting out a place will be a simpler and a cheaper task as the state government is planning to start online process for the registration. When the online process is implemented it will be easy and time and cost saving process for the tenant and the owner to work out the modalities of the renting of the property, without visiting the registration office. Also, the amounts paid to agents to process the registration can be saved. The process of online registration will also help the state government to increase and regulate the revenue collected from the online registration. Besides the process of online registration, arrangements are being made to make stamp duty payments also simultaneously. Flat owners and tenants will have the option to download the forms and fill the forms themselves or take assistance from the  [...]
    Posted at October 3rd, 2012 at 06:10 am
  • Frauds in Credit Cards
    There is a tremendous increase in the fraud of credit cards, and cards have become very vulnerable. To protect the interests of its customers and to lower the risk factor of fraud in credit cards; banks are devising new methods, systems, every day with the help of latest technology. To protect and defend its customers from fraud, banks are making credit cards more secure by using new lines of defense. Almost all banks offer lost card liability cover on their card. Customers are not liable to pay if the misuse amount is covered under lost card liability cover. The new regulations of the Reserve Bank of India has mandated that all credit cards should use an additional pin-like with an ATM, the card holder will be required to enter a pin number to authorize any transaction at a merchant. This method is the most secured and fast way  [...]
    Posted at August 29th, 2012 at 06:08 am