Ditch That Expensive Computer, How About A Netbook For Your Kid?

Money | September 3, 2009 at 3:57 am


Gone are the days when you’d have to shell out a fortune for expensive computers or laptops for your kid. These days, you get technology at much lower prices. For the uninitiated, they are the cheaper version of the laptop. When big brother laptops are so very expensive, you can go for netbooks that will give you almost the same features of a laptop computer for all practical purposes. Nokia 3G seems to be the latest one on the block which is not for students only but for working professionals as well. Of course this will be slightly expensive than the other netbooks, but it’s worth the cost. Apple and Acer are amongst other companies that have come up with good netbooks.

Why am I talking about netbooks now? No, I don’t want to present them as a poor man’s remedy for recession. There’s another good reason for my recommending them for your children .Kids being kids are careless and if they damage them you won’t feel the pinch of replacing or repairing them. Apart from that they are light and portable devices which your children can take to college and refer to as and when required.

Netbooks cost you just $400 which is much lesser than what you’d have to pay for your desktop or laptop computer. The basic models cost almost half the sophisticated ones. So, around $200 is not a big deal for you right? Technology Analyst Alex F. Goldfayn, predicts the netbook to be the next computing gadget for 95 % of the population for the future on WGN Radio’s “Technology Tailor Show”. Further, NPD market research consultancy Display.com shows that 32.7 million units of Netbooks have been sold in 2009 this year which is double that of last year. In comparison, the sale of laptops remains the same.

All these facts might have pumped up your adrenaline towards buying that netbook available at your nearest computer retail outlet! But hey just wait, there are certain things that you need to bear in mind before you let your adrenals over power you!

Netbooks Are a Compromise After All

Expensive ComputerThough you can do some basic computing and run web applications, don’t crib if your child complains of  not  being able to do some advanced digital programming like photo editing etc. According to Michael Carnell, founder Palmettobug Digital, consumer technology firm, if you’re looking for any advanced web designing, or sophisticated gaming facilities you should best go for a laptop. Also Netbooks don’t have a CD drive. So you should always decide upon your priorities before making an investment in netbooks. Ask your child and then buy. Otherwise you’ll not want to make an investment and see a sad face at the same time.

Go for the Branded

You might have used assembled PCs till now, but don’t, for God’s sake, go for an assembled or unbranded netbook to save a few bucks! You’ll see that by doing so you might actually land up paying more for repairs and replacements if things go wrong. According to electronic goods reviewer Retrevo.com’s director, Andrew Eisner its always better to go for well established brands like HP, Asus or Toshiba. If not these try for only those brands that you trust.

Don’t forget the Green Room

Taking trails is always recommended when you have to buy any consumer product and a netbook is no exception. You need to try it out first to see if you are comfortable working with it and then purchase. It’s not like a desktop PC that does not restrict human usage. You might find that you’re not comfortable with the keyboard or the display. In such a case, if you pay before hand, you might be wasting your money on a model that’s of no use to you. Better try them and buy the most suitable model.

Don’t Fall For Cell Phone Bundle Offers

All mobile telephony companies like AT &T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile are offering their netbooks with other netbookfacilities like their mobile broadband usage plans etc. Just step aside. These are just like the free gifts offers that are made by clever markets to make you buy some products. You want to buy a netbook after all, and you should focus on that. Don’t compromise for an inferior quality netbook, because you’ll get some perks on that.

Search for Discount Sales

These days many netbook sellers are selling these already cheap electronic gadgets at still cheaper prices. Target, Ears are all selling at much lower rates than the normal value. So you can just find out at your local electronic stores and go for those. But then again a cheap price is not the only motivating factor for your purchase. Quality is of prime importance.
Wish you a happy netbook purchase !!!

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  1. Massimo Manca says:

    >Apple and Acer are amongst other companies that have come up with >good netbooks.

    Apple? Sure? >:)

  2. Investment Blogger says:

    I’m not too sure about Apple and netbooks, but Acer definitly lead the pack. So much so, that out of all netbook manufacturers Google has chosen to partner with Acer to sell the first netbooks running Google’s new operating system. That will be interesting to see! Acer in general has grown and improved drastically over the last 10 years, much like a Honda and Toyota has in the 1980s.
    .-= Investment Blogger´s last blog ..Warren Buffett and Mars Inc To Buy Wrigley =-.

  3. Frugal Living says:

    I think laptops are always a better option for netbooks because you really can’t use any sophisticated software on netbooks

  4. Chelsea says:

    Where can I see the complete list of technical specifications for the Xbox 360 ?

  5. Netbooks says:

    Yes, netbooks are very convenient especially those who think buying a cheap notebook or buying a replace for their notebooks. The most important reason for that i think their price.
    .-= Netbooks´s last blog ..Samsung Nc10 Netbook vs Asus Eee Pc 1005Ha =-.

  6. Andrew Pelt says:

    Thanks for the great post. I always try to bookmark financially or stock market related posts like this one.

  7. Mindi Gressmire says:

    Interesting blog. My friends and I were just discussing this the other day. Also your blog looks excellent on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Keep it up.

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