How to Write an Email While Sending Resume?

Employment | December 5, 2011 at 7:03 am


Nowadays, most job applicants prefer sending their resumes by email in the form of an attachment. While sending resumes through email the job seeker must make sure that the body of the email is written in a certain way and includes some specific information. This article will inform you how to write an email while sending your resume.

  1. The resume document mHow to write an email when sending a resumeust be named after your name. You can also include the position you are applying for while naming the resume document. For instance if your name is Michael Smith and you are applying for the position of a computer analyst, you can name the resume document as ‘Resume of Michael Smith (computer analyst)’. Mentioning the position you are applying is optional; you can also name the document as: Resume of Michael Smith.
  2. The next most important thing is the subject line. While sending an email to your friend or a relative, you can omit the subject line, but while mailing an employer as a job applicant you must always include a relevant subject line. The subject line must inform the employer about the post for which you are submitting the application. For instance, if you are applying for the position of a HR manager; the email’s subject line should be: ‘Application for the Position of HR Manger’.
  3. The job seeker’s resume must always be accompanied by a cover letter. The body of the email should carry the cover letter. You should not send the cover letter as an attachment and just write a note in the body of the email saying ‘find the attached documents’. The cover letter must have a detailed narrative explaining the reason for which you are interested in getting the job, things that you are going to offer as an employee and your qualifications.
  4. Finally, the language of the resume and the cover letter must be simple and correct. Don’t try to reveal you vocabulary skills while applying for a job. Instead be grammatically correct and natural.
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