Hottest Jobs in the Green Sector

Employment | August 22, 2011 at 12:30 am


As we start focusing more and more on the benefits of green energy and technology, there are a great number of jobs being created in the process. There are plenty of jobs available in the sector, and as long as you have decent qualifications, you will have no difficulties. Only about 22 pc of green sector jobs require a graduation degree.

Solar Power Contractor

Solar Power is increasingly being turned to both for commercial and for resideJobs in the green sectorntial projects. There are a number of states such as Florida and New Jersey that offer rebates and incentives for choosing solar energy. Being a solar power contractor could work, since more and more homes and businesses keep installing them.

Wind Turbine Installer . . .

A rising percentage of the total power is being generated by the collection of wind turbine farms in California and Pacific Northwest. There will thus be a good deal of demand for professionals with knowledge and experience of wind turbine. As a new field, the potential for growth and advancement is excellent. Get into the business now!

LEED Certified Engineer . . .

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a certification for buildings, homes and spaces designed in an environmental friendly way. Since we are moving to a period of more awareness environmentally, the demand for professionals skilled in making LEED certified buildings will only increase. There have been more than seven thousand buildings all over the world that have the certification. The know how will be a definite advantage.

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