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  • Reality Check Before Investing In Land>
    Reality Check Before Investing In Land
    Before investing your life time savings and hard earned money in land, it is imperative that you look at some important pointers as investment in land involves huge investments and these pointers will help you to take a right call when you plan to buy a land. Check if the land is under agricultural or non agricultural category, as one cannot make development or construction on agricultural land. Even if the land is non- agricultural you must ensure that the land has all clearances from all the various local authorities. A plot on land must not be located in any developmental plan, or encroach on any government land, as government is entitled to take away your land if it hinders or obstructs any development work under taken by the government. A plot must be having a clear title and it must also  [...]
    at January 4th, 2013 at 06:01 am
  • Rising Number Of Youth Opt To Purchase A House>
    Rising Number Of Youth Opt To Purchase A House
    With economic globalization, western influences, rising incomes, secured investments being the prime concern of the present generation buying a home remains one of the top most priority of every youth today. Housing is a basic need besides food and clothing, and owning a home is fundamental to one’s life and contributes a great deal in boosting the confidence of the young generation. Despite economic boom or slow down, buying a home remains main of the top most priorities in the must do list of the youth of this nation. The youth of today feel that owning a home makes them feel motivated to achieve success in their career and owning a home makes them feel anchored and there is a sense of peace and security, which enables them to focus on other areas of life at a very young age. Today the  [...]
    at November 8th, 2012 at 01:11 am
  • Tips for First Time Home Buyers>
    Tips for First Time Home Buyers
    The task of buying a home is extremely challenging for the first time home buyers. The process involves several steps to be addressed and accomplished and a number of approvals to be obtained. However, when you finally manage to buy a home, the experience is similarly satisfying. A property owner can position him in greater opportunities. For making the purchasing process smoother and simpler, a first time home buyer must organize and prepare himself for the encountering problems that can occur during such procedures. Below, we have offered some useful tips for people purchasing a home or property for the first time: Before initiating the actual process of buying a new home, you must keep all your documents organized and check your credit score. Although the credit score of a home buyer is  [...]
    at November 21st, 2011 at 06:11 am
  • Advantages of Commercial and Residential Real Estate>
    Advantages of Commercial and Residential Real Estate
    The real estate business is quite lucrative and attracts a large number of people due to its good returns. But among the real estate sector there are also many ways of working which can be acquired as per your choice. The main source of investing in real estate is divided in two major groups the residential real estate and the commercial real estate. It is entirely the choice of the investor to make his decision as both the options have their own pros and cons. The first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about real estate is the residential part which is the space for living. There are many residential sources which include homes, duplexes, apartments, condominiums and others. The main advantage of investing in residential real estate is that it can be rented easily. All of us needs  [...]
    at October 17th, 2011 at 05:10 am
  • Paying off the mortgage in 3 years is not impossible>
    Paying off the mortgage in 3 years is not impossible
    When I told everyone who was willing to hear me that I planned on paying off the mortgage in 3 years, they laughed at me and said it was impossible. It was only my deadpan expression that then told them this was no joke on my part. Some years on, I am mortgage free and I have the last laugh. That happened this November, and it is a monumental achievement for me in a financial sense. The year was 2005, and I had just graduated. In a fit of youthful exuberance and positivity, I bought my first home in the summer of that year. My plan was simple; to keep costs as low as I could and so I bought a two room home that I could comfortably live in upstairs while renting out the basement of the home to someone else. I waded into my savings and made the down payment. Paying off the mortgage was obviously  [...]
    at December 20th, 2010 at 03:12 am
  • Mortgage escrow accounts and what you need to know>
    Mortgage escrow accounts and what you need to know
    In essence, Escrow is a term that is used by businesses to define a transaction where buyers and sellers cannot make a direct exchange of money or goods or services and neither wants to take the risk of non-delivery later. These trust issues are solved by a third party, known as the Escrow, who releases what is entitled to the party in question once they have fulfilled their part of the bargain. This Escrow can also come into play as real estate escrow accounts. In this, the buyer gives the money to the escrow and the seller gives the rights to the escrow as well and neither gets what they are entitled to unless the escrow gets both the funds and the title in question. Similarly, it can come into play as mortgage escrow accounts. Mortgage escrow accounts are not the same as a real estate escrow  [...]
    at December 8th, 2010 at 05:12 am
  • Real estate really isn’t that bad a bet>
    Real estate really isn’t that bad a bet
    The housing market bubble has burst, and everyone is now decrying buying and owning a home as an unnecessary expense. The news is terrible and everyone is talking about foreclosures and the millions of homeless so it is true when they say that there really is no news like bad news. Stocks are flapping and flailing and failing to take off and unemployment is terrible, although it is getting better all the time. Despite this entire hullabaloo in the orchard, it might not be such a bad deal at all for you to buy a house, although we cannot honestly say that can be a universal claim applicable to all. Here’s how it can apply to you. Dirt cheap rates Have you checked out those mortgage rates of late? They’re lower than the lowest of low-lying fruit! Fixed mortgages are now getting locked in  [...]
    at September 6th, 2010 at 04:09 am
  • Things to Do Before Signing the Rent Lease>
    Things to Do Before Signing the Rent Lease
    Most apartments look similar, but every house gives you a different living experience. It may be a horrible one, if you haven’t done your homework well. To have a pleasant stay, consider these points: 1.    Don’t Select Your Apartment based on a Sample Suite Don’t make your decision based on the sample suite your renter shows. Ask them to take you to the actual apartment where you will eventually stay. If they deny, check for other options. 2.    Check With Police There are places where robbery is common. You might not know it, if you are new to the locality. Hence, it’s advisable to check with the police department if the area is safe to live in. Besides, try to select an area that has proper security. I am sure you don’t want your car to be stolen from apartment’s parking  [...]
    at July 19th, 2010 at 12:07 am
  • Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders: How To Find Them>
    Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders: How To Find Them
    Unlike earlier days, it’s now easy to receive credit, even if your score is below excepted level. There are several bad credit mortgage lenders, who would readily offer you a home loan by modifying the existing mortgage loan. However, borrowers would have to pay comparatively high rate of interest and higher fees to avail such loans. Most Americans are depended on mortgage to buy a house. Availing this loan, however, becomes quite difficult if the credit score is low. The only option they are left with is approaching bad credit mortgage lenders. These lenders, due to the increased risk they bear, offer loans at higher rates. Within a day, however, you can find a log list of lenders offering bad credit mortgage. Most financial institutions offer these loans along with other conventional loans.  [...]
    at June 1st, 2010 at 12:06 am
  • You Want A House Because Of These 5 Myths>
    You Want A House Because Of These 5 Myths
    I have never seen people as stalwartly bigheaded as we Americans. We want to be proud of buying and living in our own home even if we are walking through the shards of the biggest housing disintegration of the century. Oh, and why not. We are backed by our government with the remarkable tax credit that will probably keep extending till 2012, if the world doesn’t end then that is. Having a home means having a secured place with money invested in to buy it. For this investment we search for the best deal, a place with best views and comforts at a reasonable price. Even if the price is high, we have banks that provide mortgage at a very low down payment. And we can easily avail one. His recession seems to be a blessing in disguise for all of us homebuyers. However, before you sprint and clutch  [...]
    at December 11th, 2009 at 01:12 am