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  • News about the Indian Budget 2013-14>
    News about the Indian Budget 2013-14
    The budget presented by the finance minister P C Chidambaram was an event which may bring reforms and give a momentum to the failing growth of the Indian economy. It may be considered as the populist budget and focus seems to be laying a red carpet for the investors who are shy and reluctant to invest in the country where Red tapism and corruption is rampant and has triggered a wave of discontent and disappointment among the common men. The budget focuses on the pushing investments particularly in the infrastructure sector, but on the inflation factor the budget failed to provide relief to the common man, whose survival has become a nightmare due to rising prices. Over a period of time the budget has lost its importance and is just a window dressing to appease the public and win elections   [...]
    at April 9th, 2013 at 01:04 am
  • Gaming Earns Top Revenue in Asia-Pacific Region>
    Gaming Earns Top Revenue in Asia-Pacific Region
    Exciting economic growth is being reported within the Asia-Pacific region. This is according to a recent which specifically focuses on growth seen in Australia and New Zealand as well as Asia. The growth mentioned is occurring within the gaming sectors which are growing despite sluggish sectors in other parts of the economy. There are many reasons for this growth. One of these is advances that have occurred in technology that help to boost online gaming revenue. Users can now play not only from their computer but using new mobile casinos though sites like, which allow gambling literally anywhere a signal can be obtained. Successful advertising campaigns have also helped draw attention to the sites. Revenues in both regions have increased. Within Australia, there has been   [...]
    at February 12th, 2013 at 02:02 am
  • Gold: A Stable Investment For Beginners>
    Gold: A Stable Investment For Beginners
    If you are a young professional just starting to manage or structure your financial strategy, you may be looking for an interesting investment opportunity or concept. While most young people tend to focus primarily on income and savings, the temptation to invest is always there – and of course, if you invest wisely and strategically, you may be able to generate an additional source of income and/or financial security. However, it is important not to be too ambitious or reckless with your investments when you are just starting out. Instead, try to find a simple, more stable form of investment that can help you to learn strategy and develop familiarity with less risk. Of course, picking out a stable investment opportunity is a task easier said than done – particularly in the turbulent  [...]
    at January 10th, 2013 at 11:01 pm
  • Domestic Air Travel At Its Lowest>
    Domestic Air Travel At Its Lowest
    Domestic air travel is at its lowest in last 7 years and the fall is quite steep. The air travel recorded in July this year is 10% less than the figure for July 2011. India has been witnessing a steep negative growth in the domestic air travel and the reasons attributed to this - The fares are too high and considering the weak economy, recession, inflation, passengers are reluctant to shell high fares for domestic travel by air and rather travel by other modes like train or bus. Some of the airlines have taken cost cutting measures like reducing the commissions paid to travel agents; which in turn has impacted the sales of tickets as travels agents are not too keen to promote sales at reduced commissions. New airport charges levied on passengers has discouraged people from travelling on domestic  [...]
    at October 16th, 2012 at 06:10 am
  • KYC to be used for insurance policies>
    KYC to be used for insurance policies
    KYC (Know Your Customer) was used by most of the banks for its accountholders and customers. KYC gives the bank complete information of the account holder and is mandatory for banks to obtain the same from its customers, failing which according to the RBI directives the account may be closed. KYC has become a important tool of identification as same now may be used by the insurance companies for issuing insurance policies. Several investors have shied away from buying insurance policies due to the complicated process and a lengthy documentation involved. To simplify the process of insurance, the insurance companies will soon implement a policy where by the check done by the banks by the way of KYC, will be used for the insurance policy, and this will ensure more investments in the insurance  [...]
    at October 11th, 2012 at 11:10 pm
  • India is getting younger as it is becoming a country of youth>
    India is getting younger as it is becoming a country of youth
    The youth of India today is ambitious, and has a great earning capacity and an impressive ability to spend money and the youth today is the most important factor for translating the consumer brands in to sales. The youth of India is brand conscious, and loves to flaunt his newly acquired wealth and status by shopping the best of the brands. The youth of India is the changing face of the business, with the family taking a back seat in shopping and spending and the youth taking over as the average age of the consumer is changing and becoming younger. Sales, statistics, surveys all point to these surprising facts- Finance now easily available the first time auto buyers are now in the age group of 30 years as compared to 45 years earlier. Average age of consumers in the white goods industry has  [...]
    at October 8th, 2012 at 04:10 am
  • Renting A House Made Simple>
    Renting A House Made Simple
    From next year renting out a place will be a simpler and a cheaper task as the state government is planning to start online process for the registration. When the online process is implemented it will be easy and time and cost saving process for the tenant and the owner to work out the modalities of the renting of the property, without visiting the registration office. Also, the amounts paid to agents to process the registration can be saved. The process of online registration will also help the state government to increase and regulate the revenue collected from the online registration. Besides the process of online registration, arrangements are being made to make stamp duty payments also simultaneously. Flat owners and tenants will have the option to download the forms and fill the forms  [...]
    at October 3rd, 2012 at 06:10 am
  • All About Money Laundering>
    All About Money Laundering
    Money laundering in India is a very complex process, and it is very difficult for the investigating agencies to trace the funds concealed from the income tax acts, and these funds are invested in stock markets or other business ventures. In  India the laws states that anyone makes a gain of Rs. 30 lakhs or above by violating  acts  like SEBI act, Prevention of Corruption Act, Income Tax Act, it will be considered a case of money laundering. Lately even money from money laundering is used for terrorist activities in India, to destabilize our economy. The figures of money laundering in India are alarming. A recent survey revealed that there were in all 1,437 cases of money laundering registered in India. That’s not all, the total number of cases where attachment of property is ordered is  [...]
    at August 13th, 2012 at 02:08 am
  • Frauds in corporate India>
    Frauds in corporate India
    Frauds in corporate India are making news headlines every morning and the statistics of fraud in the corporate world in India is shocking- 3 out of 5 firms are victims of corporate fraud. Normally it takes 1 year and above to detect these frauds but till then the losses it is too late to rectify the situation. The frauds in corporate are on the rise and some of the methods of committing fraud are: The corporates today fudge their accounting and book keeping teaming up with their chartered accountants and financial consultants and present a very rosy and healthy picture for the investors and financial institutions, so as to avail more funds, however the true financial status of the company is only known to the senior management. These accounts are fudged to lure investors and take loans from  [...]
    at May 29th, 2012 at 05:05 am
  • A Lucrative Business- Air-Freighting Animals>
    A Lucrative Business- Air-Freighting Animals
    Lufthansa- Air France- KLM group, Emirates airlines are competing in a market that’s small but highly lucrative- air- freighting animals. The bigger the animal and the more specialized its requirements; the more profitable is the freight job. However there is no room for error in this high profile flights as sometimes the horses air freighted are worth more than the plane, and substantial investments have to be made to provide the specialist faculties for horses, a bag of fish, dogs, cats, pigs, giant pandas, reptiles, and other zoo animals. There are some creatures the airlines don’t handle like animals caught in the wild are not precluded unless permitted under the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora, which protects 35,000 animals and plant  [...]
    at May 24th, 2012 at 12:05 am