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  • Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid>
    Mortgage Mistakes to Avoid
    We need to spend a lot of time to secure a mortgage; besides that our financial status is significantly dependant on whether or not we have a mortgage. This makes taking every step related to the mortgage flawlessly extremely essential. This article will help you in staying flawless with your mortgage by informing you about the mortgage mistakes you should avoid. Mistake 1: The most frequently made mortgage mistake is not getting credit checks done. One should undergo a credit check even before applying for the mortgage for making sure that his credit rating is supporting his decision of applying for the mortgage; performing a credit check will also give him the opportunity of repairing the existing issues if any before submitting the application. Mistake 2: Performing credit checks is good,  [...]
    at December 26th, 2011 at 01:12 am
  • What Is Leaseback Mortgage?>
    What Is Leaseback Mortgage?
    Leaseback can be defined as a different mortgage structure, in which the buyer plays the role of the landlord and the role of the lessee is played by the seller during the home buying situation. All the steps involved in this procedure require careful documentation and structuring for ensuring that all the people involved in the related agreement understand their roles. Let us get informed about the basics of leaseback mortgages. During a leaseback, a person sells out a property owned by him and then again leases the same property from its buyer or the new owner. The purpose of such an action is either for using the property as a model home or for continuing to live in it. The person buying the property might use conventional mortgage for completing the deal successfully. He can opt for paying  [...]
    at October 3rd, 2011 at 01:10 am
  • Home Mortgage Calculator>
    Home Mortgage Calculator
    People planning to finance their new home with home mortgage loans will get immensely benefited by home mortgage calculators. This particular software program will complete all your complex mortgage calculations automatically without any fuss. The most common applications of the home mortgage calculators are for calculating subprime, assumable and balloon mortgages. One of the most frequently used tools is the ARM or adjustable rate mortgage calculator. Enter all the variables needed for calculating the mortgage rates into the ARM; variables include factors like the amount taken as home loan, the interest rate and the loan tenure. It will only require you to wait for only a few seconds to get the result after entering the required data. The home mortgage calculators can also guide you while  [...]
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  • The Must Know Mortgage Terms>
    The Must Know Mortgage Terms
    Are you preparing for visiting a lending organization for applying for a mortgage? Then you must go through this article for getting acquainted with some basic mortgage terms. Once you understand the meanings of these terms, the process of applying for mortgages will become much simpler for you. Amortization: This term is used to describe the act of paying off debts over time. The term might also include factors like reduction in an asset’s value over time. Assumed mortgage: Assumed mortgage happens when a real property buyer assumes the seller’s obligations and mortgage terms. The term is mostly used when the person buying the property will not obtain interest rates as little as rates on the mortgage of the seller. Collateral: This term is used for describing assets promised in case the  [...]
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  • Tips for Finding the Best Mortgage Broker in the United Kingdom>
    Tips for Finding the Best Mortgage Broker in the United Kingdom
    This article will help you to get the best mortgage loan broker. Below we have provided the steps that will allow you to locate the best mortgage loan broker around: Mortgage brokers in the United Kingdom range from big companies having nationwide coverage to tiny one-man enterprises covering only a single locality. You can get the list of such companies from media like yellow pages, internet, television, radio, magazines and newspapers. While selecting a mortgage loan broker or agency in the UK, you must make sure that the service provider is authorized by Financial Service Authority. Mortgage brokers can be authorized directly by this body or be a representative of another organization. Visit the FSA official website, you will find the names of all the regulated brokers of UK. Reputed mortgage  [...]
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  • Mortgage rates in America goes down, making the economy go up a little>
    Mortgage rates in America goes down, making the economy go up a little
    The recent trend of reduction in mortgage rates is on full throttle as the rates are dropping further. Recently, Freddie Mac conducted a survey of mortgage rates. The organization which has devoted itself to the mission of stabilizing the American market for residential mortgage, conducted this survey to find the cause of this trend. The survey conducted by Freddie Mac showed that there has been a severe reduction in 30years mortgage rates. The new rate has arrived at 4.95% from the previous rate of 4.87%. This is expected to bring a good boost in the sale of homes. As noted by the analysts of Freddie Mac, the main cause of the drop in mortgage rate is affordability. Since the global economy is on a recession, the American economy is also confronting a downturn. Accordingly, the purchasing  [...]
    at March 9th, 2011 at 03:03 am
  • Paying off the mortgage in 3 years is not impossible>
    Paying off the mortgage in 3 years is not impossible
    When I told everyone who was willing to hear me that I planned on paying off the mortgage in 3 years, they laughed at me and said it was impossible. It was only my deadpan expression that then told them this was no joke on my part. Some years on, I am mortgage free and I have the last laugh. That happened this November, and it is a monumental achievement for me in a financial sense. The year was 2005, and I had just graduated. In a fit of youthful exuberance and positivity, I bought my first home in the summer of that year. My plan was simple; to keep costs as low as I could and so I bought a two room home that I could comfortably live in upstairs while renting out the basement of the home to someone else. I waded into my savings and made the down payment. Paying off the mortgage was obviously  [...]
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  • Mortgage escrow accounts and what you need to know>
    Mortgage escrow accounts and what you need to know
    In essence, Escrow is a term that is used by businesses to define a transaction where buyers and sellers cannot make a direct exchange of money or goods or services and neither wants to take the risk of non-delivery later. These trust issues are solved by a third party, known as the Escrow, who releases what is entitled to the party in question once they have fulfilled their part of the bargain. This Escrow can also come into play as real estate escrow accounts. In this, the buyer gives the money to the escrow and the seller gives the rights to the escrow as well and neither gets what they are entitled to unless the escrow gets both the funds and the title in question. Similarly, it can come into play as mortgage escrow accounts. Mortgage escrow accounts are not the same as a real estate escrow  [...]
    at December 8th, 2010 at 05:12 am
  • Mortgages and foreclosures are bringing the house down>
    Mortgages and foreclosures are bringing the house down
    Michael Marsden stumped up the cash somehow to pay off the bank for his home in Michigan, a four room cabin that he wanted to make his own for the longest time ever. He had every intention of fixing it up so his son could enjoy it just as he would himself. What should have been the beginning of a dream instead quickly metamorphosed into a nightmare as the property was foreclosed on and the locks were changed before Marsden could so much as raise an eyebrow in amazement and wonder what was going on. The mortgages and foreclosures machinery was in full swing. Danielle Robinson faces not much of a different situation. She is facing the grim prospect of foreclosure proceedings over in Colorado, this after her mortgage company encouraged her to go ahead and skip a payment entirely. This came right  [...]
    at November 1st, 2010 at 03:11 am
  • No home comforts to be had>
    No home comforts to be had
    It has been a little more than a month since some paperwork pertaining to a mortgage mysteriously disappeared from the files of the Washington Mutual Bank, but they seem strangely unworried about it. This is a multimillion-dollar mortgage we’re talking about here, and a crucial piece of paper to boot, yet no one seems perturbed. After undertaking a search operation to try and find the missing documentation (a promissory note that mentioned the borrowers commitment to pay off the mortgage), an assistant vice president gingerly drew up an affidavit that stated the document could not be found, simple as. It is an attitude that is alarmingly lackadaisical and callous, and Washington Mutual Bank are not the only ones to demonstrate it. The year was 2006, and the handling of the matter was  [...]
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