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  • India Shining With – Gold>
    India Shining With – Gold
    As a large part of the world economy is undergoing global crisis, investors of all kinds are flocking toward investing in gold as they feel secured and may offer them high returns in the near future. Even central banks all across the world have turned in to big buyers of gold and asset allocation patterns are being redrawn to include gold. We Indians traditionally buy gold as a mark of status symbol and flaunt our wealth ,a way of life, but we had never considered gold as an investment earlier, but now the mindset of the gen next has changed and they consider gold as the safest and fast liquidity product and investment. Earlier gold gifting and buying in India was a tradition to be followed on occasions like child birth, or naming ceremony, or Diwali Dhanteras, akshya tritya. In the current  [...]
    at June 1st, 2012 at 05:06 am
  • Medical Insurance: A Rising Need And A Necessity Of Life>
    Medical Insurance: A Rising Need And A Necessity Of Life
    The rising cost of the health care in India has effected everyone, as getting hospitalized or seeking medical care is very expensive task and when confronts these problems it turns in to nightmare especially in case of senior citizens. Senior citizens who have retired from leading an active life and having limited means of income and savings need more health care than any other section of the society. But it is a sad state of affairs that insurance companies are not very keen to provide them medical insurance as they are considered riskier than any other groups. There have been many instances where the insurance companies have refused to renew medical insurance of senior citizens as they feel policy holder has become old now or has developed a medical condition. Insurance Regulatory Development  [...]
    at May 24th, 2012 at 03:05 am
  • Will your insurance policy get tax benefits?>
    Will your insurance policy get tax benefits?
    When this year’s budget was announced new rules were laid down for life insurance policies. Earlier the policy holder got tax deduction on premium paid under section 80c and tax free income on maturity under sec 10 (10d). The budget has clearly issued directives that after April 2012,all insurance policies must meet the 10 times criteria to claim tax benefits as sec10(10d) has to be followed strictly. To ensure that companies do not design products to bend the rules, the budget has clarified that the cover shall not include bonuses and other payments made by the company. The budget also clarified that the cover should remain at least ten times throughout the tenure of the policy, and this means that plans in which the cover comes down from second year will not be accepted. If you are  [...]
    at April 26th, 2012 at 05:04 am
  • Insuring Older Cars: Some Information>
    Insuring Older Cars: Some Information
    One way of saving money on car insurance is by buying older cars. The premium for an old car is a lot less compared to that of a new car. This is because the value of old cars are less compared to the new ones. Insurance companies set the premium rates based on the amount they will have to spend for replacing the car. If you own an old car, replacing it will not make the insurance company spend as much money as they would have to pay in case of a new car. This automatically reduces the premium. Several old car owners opt for the liability only insurance coverage. If you are not indebted with any money against the car and if your car’s value is extremely low, there’s no use of paying premiums for getting the car replaced in case you get into a wreck. By eliminating comprehensive and collision  [...]
    at November 28th, 2011 at 03:11 am
  • Working of Business Renters Insurance Policies>
    Working of Business Renters Insurance Policies
    Business renters insurance can be purchased by all kinds of business that retail space or rent office. These insurance policies usually offer coverage to rental locations and to the materials or products housed by the rented locations. A renter’s insurance plan is also known for offering protection against liabilities like accidents and crimes resulting in damage of business properties housed by the rented locations. Personal renters insurance is the renters insurance type offering coverage to personal properties of insured parties i.e. the business owners. Contents of such policies include office equipments, manufacturing equipments, materials, supplies and the finished goods. If the objects included in the contents are damaged due to theft, for or vandalism (policies might include other  [...]
    at November 7th, 2011 at 05:11 am
  • Factors to be Assessed before Going for a Health Insurance Plan>
    Factors to be Assessed before Going for a Health Insurance Plan
    The principles of privately owned health insurance policies and corporately provided health insurance policies are more or less the same. To select the right health insurance plan for you, you must check the following things: The most important factor to check before selecting health insurance policies is the deductible. Deductible is the sum that health care providers will need the insured individuals to pay annually for medical services before they start funding medical expenses of those insured people. If your medical bills are likely to be high in amount, you must opt for insurance plans with low deductibles. On the other hand, if you rarely need to visit doctors and are unlikely to have medical bills of high amounts, you must go for plans with high deductibles. The next significant factor  [...]
    at June 13th, 2011 at 03:06 am
  • Stock broker fraud: maybe it’s time for you to change brokers>
    Stock broker fraud: maybe it’s time for you to change brokers
    As people go, I think it’s pretty fair to say that I am quite the paranoid person. I’m not so paranoid as to look back over my shoulder with wide eyes every time I walk down a quiet street. I only do that sometimes. But yes, I am a naturally skeptic person. I take absolutely nothing on face value, even if someone I’ve known for years says it to me. If something sounds too good to be true, it always is for me. I look for the lie behind every smile and every sign of deception in that firm handshake that might just be looking to grab my money and run. So, as an investor, you can perhaps gauge how I feel about stock brokers and stock broker fraud. To say it gives me the jitters is like saying the pope is Catholic; it’s a major understatement. I’m not a conspiracy theorist; I don’t  [...]
    at December 13th, 2010 at 05:12 am
  • Personal financial planning: to do or not to do>
    Personal financial planning: to do or not to do
    Now don’t get me wrong. I know fully well that personal financial planning is something that we all must do. My only question is whether I should do it myself or leave it to some expert on behalf of me. The thing is that I don’t trust most of these financial planners. Most of them seem to have their own vested interests and it becomes very hard to trust someone when they become more of a broker than an adviser. Over time, many financial advisers have tried to talk to me about signing up with them, but I think this requires trust more than anything else and none of them seem particularly trustworthy. So all I end up saying is “thanks, but no thanks” as I stonewall all of them into submission. You see, it’s just not complicated in the slightest to do my own personal financial  [...]
    at December 6th, 2010 at 05:12 am
  • Movie business isn’t just all glamor>
    Movie business isn’t just all glamor
    Jimmy Maynard had taken a close look at the movie business some years back, and what he saw was best described as “encouraging”. Companies were folding, credit lines were being squeezed and talent was cheaper than before thanks to a labor war that was driving down prices. All said and done, it was an excellent time to invest in the movie theater business and it brought a smile to his face. Maynard is not alone. Several investors much like him circled like vultures as studios started to scale back their investments, leaving a lacuna for people like Maynard to step up to the plate and hit one out of the park. For Maynard, it made perfect sense as he has “always made a living by buying or buying in when things are bad”. Just how bad is Maynard talking about? I’ve got a name for you,  [...]
    at November 17th, 2010 at 05:11 am
  • A surprisingly hard sell>
    A surprisingly hard sell
    It is often said that insurance is not sold to people, it is bought by people and that is so very true for AIA, which is insurance giant AIG’s Asian life insurance division. AIA has been crying itself hoarse trying to sell itself this year and this is the third attempt this year to try and sell itself to a potential buyer to no avail. No one is willing to get anywhere near AIA and a listing was approved on September 21st in Hong Kong and the offer is now expected to go public on October 29th. Given the ridiculous ineptness and gross corruption and misconduct on the part of AIG, it will almost miraculous if AIA manages to get some sort of a deal done. There was an early attempt to list AIA but this was pulled out of in March because a deal seemed to be materializing for Prudential to buy out  [...]
    at October 4th, 2010 at 01:10 am