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  • Personal Budgeting: An Essential Priority>
    Personal Budgeting: An Essential Priority
    Be it family, government, entrepreneur, employer, corporate world, event manager, budgeting plays a vital role. Budgeting is a financial plan listing all our income or revenues and all our expenses. It is the plan which is essential to run our life and business smoothly and efficiently. Budgeting involves earning, spending and saving. Budgeting can be done on a simple paper or on an excel sheet, the purpose is the same to keep a firm grip on our expenses so that we do not exceed our expenses over our income and try to save for a better future. In a personal family budget the head of the family has to work out his monthly budget in such a way that he allocates the right amounts to each requirement of every family member. Personal budgeting involves the budgets for: Housing rent or mortgage. Food  [...]
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  • Explain Budget Allocation>
    Explain Budget Allocation
    Budget allocation is essential for every business as well as non-profit financial plan. Usually, the budgets are set annually, the procedure of which involves allocation of anticipated resources and earnings between different business interests and departments. A department’s scope of development depends on the funding allocated to each of its areas. For instance: a reduction of funding can require making some staffs redundant. Generally, a budget gets reviewed once every year and is usually meant for a period of 12-24 months. The budget of the current year normally gets set based on the expenditure which occurs in the previous year. Besides that, budgeting also involves changes occurring in the spending habit of a business (changes in spending due to employment of new staff, adjustments  [...]
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  • Make a cost cutting by cutting down hair dyes>
    Make a cost cutting by cutting down hair dyes
    Graying is a sign of age everyone wants it to get rid of it; probably the reason is to hide age from others. The telltale strands of grey hairs are treasure trove and thus needs to be flaunted and not hiding under hair dyes. My lines must not give out a message of philosophy to my readers as gray hairs are now being fostered by may fashion blogs. Many beauty blogs I have come across that favors grey hair and have termed them the salt and pepper hair is a cherished look. In fact the cost cutting is the additional gift for abandoning the According to the beauty blog, AllBeautyAnswers there is a bandwagon movement in abandoning the use of hair dye. It has been noted that almost 70 % users of hair dye has given up this habit and are referring to look natural. If you are favoring salt-and-pepperdom  [...]
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  • India – Left Leaning Congress Ups Social Spending by 17 per cent>
    India – Left Leaning Congress Ups Social Spending by 17 per cent
    Pranab Mukherjee, Finance Minister of India unveiled the Union Budget for the financial year 2011-2012 yesterday, 28th February. The new financial year starts from 1st April. The budget focused on a good number of reforms aimed at the poor or the “aam aadmi” (the common man). The budget promised several populist measures such an as increase in social expenditure 17 % and decrease in inflation, especially food inflation. Social spending means the money earmarked for the various welfare schemes by the government to eradicate illiteracy, unemployment and other social evils. Spending was increased for the benefit of education, rural employment, food programs, and agriculture. The poor and rural masses form the large percentage of the country’s population, and are also the core support group  [...]
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  • Financial budgeting is easier than ever by using technology>
    Financial budgeting is easier than ever by using technology
    The most common refrain I hear when people talk about financial budgeting (or their inability to do so) is that they don’t have the time, the know-how or the resources to get their spending under control. But all of that should be a thing of the past because technology has made it easier than ever to budget and cut back on expenses. All the tools are there to be used and they’re all simple as heck to learn. All that is missing though is the will-power and the desire to make this technology work for them. The means to leverage this technology is all there, and especially when it comes to personal finances. You can make the simplest budget using Excel or some other such program (or Numbers for you Mac users, if you so please). You can even download and print out a far more nuanced and complex  [...]
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  • Wedding ideas on a budget waives off the effect of price rise>
    Wedding ideas on a budget waives off the effect of price rise
    We all get exhausted daily as our pockets become thin by the pressure of price rise. Yet we cannot overlook special occasions like birthday party, New Year’s celebration, Christmas and wedding. Wedding has special significance in everyone’s life and needless to say every individual wants to make his/her wedding a memorable event. But while planning to make your wedding a special one you cannot ignore the harsh realities, which includes rise in every market. Be it a product or a service, you cannot escape the effects of inflation. I have seen many people within my acquaintances, going for unconventional ideas to organize their wedding that fits their budget. Such wedding ideas on a budget are specially designed to make the event look splendid. List of wedding ideas on a budget Selecting  [...]
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  • Retirement Redefined By Daniel Solin>
    Retirement Redefined By Daniel Solin
    Recently I read the book ‘The Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read’ by Daniel R. Solin. This is probably different for other books. The personal finance books that I generally enjoy reading are the ones that add new insights to existing topics. This book too has some great points about retirement. Let’s explore the key points one by one. 1. Rethink Retirement Investment Solin mentions it very bluntly that if you don’t protect your retirement investment against inflation, you will run out of money much soon than you anticipate. Inflation is the only thing that can ruin your retirement plans. It can depreciate the value of money. So, the money you are saving now will worth much less during your retirement. So, what’s the solution? You can keep certain amount of your investment  [...]
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  • Why Most Budgets Don’t Work?>
    Why Most Budgets Don’t Work?
    Budgeting is certainly not an easy task, and most of the time the attempt fails as people try to implement theoretical procedures. There are several practical implementations that aren’t even considered by many of the financial consultants. Why Your Budget Doesn’t Work? There are several tiny points, but the ones that affect the result of your budget considerably are: They aren’t real Budget for one month doesn’t connect with the other They don’t tell you what to do with the surplus money, once all the categories are filled Let’s have a look at each of them one by one: They Aren’t Real There are several reasons why most of us plan to start our budget. Some are motivated by their financial consultants, some really want to save money for repaying debt  [...]
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  • Free Grocery Coupons – Use Them To Save Money>
    Free Grocery Coupons – Use Them To Save Money
    Grocery prices have increased since last couple of years, and they are bound to increase in coming years. A smart way to purchase groceries is finding free grocery coupons and using them regularly. It may sound crazy to those who haven’t heard of it yet. However, if you are using it, you know what exactly I am talking about. You can save a considerable amount on your groceries every month, if you know when and where to avail such coupons. However, before you start searching for free grocery coupons, and shop around with it, you will have to determine whether it really saves you money. Finding Grocery Coupons You can find almost everything on Google, and free grocery coupon isn’t an exception. Just feed-in these words, and you will get number of websites providing coupons or related information.  [...]
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  • Personal Finance Budgeting: A Crash Course>
    Personal Finance Budgeting: A Crash Course
    Although personal finance includes variety of concepts, it starts with a simple tool – personal finance budgeting. If you have a requisite budget, you don’t have to worry about your funds, it’s all safe. Instead of deepening into the significance of personal finance budgeting, let’s get started with how to go about with it. Here is a 5 step crash course in budgeting. 1.    Analyze your Expenses and Income First step includes jotting down your expenses and income. Period. You don’t have to break it up into any categories. Do not, however, forget to mention every source of income, every penny that comes to you whether it’s birthday check, inheritance, salary, and so on. Same applies to expenses as well. Do not miss out on anything to have a proper, accurate budgeting tool. 2.    [...]
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