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  • Importance and ways of saving money>
    Importance and ways of saving money
    Saving money is very essential for everybody for crisis management as well as for post retirement.  Saving can be done in different ways at different ages. Develop the habit of savings right from your first earned income and continue the saving, which will help you as you keep growing older.  Every person has his own way of earning, either in form of business or through salary if one is doing a job.  One has to plan his household expenses as per his income and prepare a budget and also plan savings for secured future. One may have some money left every month or every few months after contributing to the household and other needs.  This money can be saved meaningfully for future needs.  Everybody has a bank account.  After contributing to the family, you may have surplus money left.   [...]
    at April 24th, 2013 at 12:04 am
  • News about the Indian Budget 2013-14>
    News about the Indian Budget 2013-14
    The budget presented by the finance minister P C Chidambaram was an event which may bring reforms and give a momentum to the failing growth of the Indian economy. It may be considered as the populist budget and focus seems to be laying a red carpet for the investors who are shy and reluctant to invest in the country where Red tapism and corruption is rampant and has triggered a wave of discontent and disappointment among the common men. The budget focuses on the pushing investments particularly in the infrastructure sector, but on the inflation factor the budget failed to provide relief to the common man, whose survival has become a nightmare due to rising prices. Over a period of time the budget has lost its importance and is just a window dressing to appease the public and win elections   [...]
    at April 9th, 2013 at 01:04 am