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  • Frauds in Credit Cards>
    Frauds in Credit Cards
    There is a tremendous increase in the fraud of credit cards, and cards have become very vulnerable. To protect the interests of its customers and to lower the risk factor of fraud in credit cards; banks are devising new methods, systems, every day with the help of latest technology. To protect and defend its customers from fraud, banks are making credit cards more secure by using new lines of defense. Almost all banks offer lost card liability cover on their card. Customers are not liable to pay if the misuse amount is covered under lost card liability cover. The new regulations of the Reserve Bank of India has mandated that all credit cards should use an additional pin-like with an ATM, the card holder will be required to enter a pin number to authorize any transaction at a merchant. This  [...]
    at August 29th, 2012 at 06:08 am
  • All About Money Laundering>
    All About Money Laundering
    Money laundering in India is a very complex process, and it is very difficult for the investigating agencies to trace the funds concealed from the income tax acts, and these funds are invested in stock markets or other business ventures. In  India the laws states that anyone makes a gain of Rs. 30 lakhs or above by violating  acts  like SEBI act, Prevention of Corruption Act, Income Tax Act, it will be considered a case of money laundering. Lately even money from money laundering is used for terrorist activities in India, to destabilize our economy. The figures of money laundering in India are alarming. A recent survey revealed that there were in all 1,437 cases of money laundering registered in India. That’s not all, the total number of cases where attachment of property is ordered is  [...]
    at August 13th, 2012 at 02:08 am
  • Causes For Delay In Tax Refunds>
    Causes For Delay In Tax Refunds
    It is a known fact that collecting your tax refunds is a nightmare all tax payers have to face, and it has been found that there are many reasons for the delay in getting the tax refunds and some of them are listed below- If the tax returns filed by you have too many tax deducted at source entries, your assessment takes a longer time to process, and hence there is a delay in collecting tax refunds. You must furnish proper your proper bank account details and MICR code with your tax returns and if error is found in your bank account details your tax refunds are bound to be delayed. If the tax deducted at source details provided by you in the form does not match with the data of the tax department, your refund may be put on hold, till all the queries are replied and complied. If you have provided  [...]
    at August 3rd, 2012 at 03:08 am