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  • Look closely, your gift card actually gifts more to you>
    Look closely, your gift card actually gifts more to you
    How many of you have ever used gift cards? I am sure there are a lot of people who are in the practice of gifting such cards and have received them in selected occasions as well. All those people needs to know about the facility so that the next time you redeem your card you don’t face a trouble. The new regulation passed by Federal Reserve as CARD Act makes certain changes that gift card holders need to know. The new act says that any gift card or certificate will hold its validity till 5 years after its issuance. And this is applicable for any kind of card irrespective of the source from where it is being issued. Further more, the CARD Act makes the fund has made changes in the expiration clause of the card. Aside from the 5 years of validity the act has offered that companies cannot charge  [...]
    at April 25th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • Which corporate citizens shall you choose for investing?>
    Which corporate citizens shall you choose for investing?
    The companies nowadays are in the dual trouble as they are faxed with the aim of gaining high returns in their business while keeping their social responsibility at its place. The consumers today are aware enough about the environment ad they bank on the companies who embraces the corporate social responsibility. This has made companies today (willingly or unwillingly) have become corporate citizens. After all the business has to be made while keeping the consumers satisfied. And when the consumers are well informed, then business becomes a challenge. That’s why I believe that corporate citizenship is a type of business challenge for the present day entrepreneurs. Recently in an edition of Corporate Responsibility magazine 100 best corporate citizens were named and different elements of corporate  [...]
    at April 20th, 2011 at 05:04 am
  • Spending habits differs so much from one to the next person>
    Spending habits differs so much from one to the next person
    All through the years, I have heard so much about different styles of spending habits that it is drilled deep into me. I could be woken up at 4 am in the morning and still rattle it off into me. Perhaps it is much the same for you to. Denial v/s splurging, spending v/s saving, planning v/s being reactionary; the different types of spending habits differ so much from person to person and more than anything else it shows how our individual characteristics change from one person to the next. Our spending habits are more indicative as much of our mentality as much as it indicates what we like to spend our money on. A few years back, I told my then girlfriend that it was a waste to make so many short trips to the grocery store and to instead make one trip to buy everything instead. She instantly  [...]
    at April 18th, 2011 at 07:04 am
  • Business credit cards – Possessing handful of them is trendy, but not friendly>
    Business credit cards – Possessing handful of them is trendy, but not friendly
    Having a business credit card is a must today as it helps a company to obtain a payment history and eventually a credit report. With time the business credit card will offer a good credit score, if handled properly. However, the recent trend is to acquire as many cards as possible can be a potentially harmful for a business. Business owners are driven by several myths regarding improving their company credit score by possessing several credit cards. And the lure from the credit car companies is immense to make business owners fall into the trap. A business gets damaged by too many business credit cards since having many cards gives a wrong signal to the credit agencies and banks. The banks typically consider a business owner with too many cards as capable of handling debt. This makes them reject  [...]
    at April 13th, 2011 at 03:04 am
  • Nothing can stop shoppers from buying; not even soaring oil prices>
    Nothing can stop shoppers from buying; not even soaring oil prices
    The high oil prices cannot keep shoppers away from the malls. Whatever be the economic circumstance, people are not quitting their shopping spree in US. The retail figures that are collected so far reflect the fact that consumers are spending high on the shopping mall despite the fact that the oil price is spiking. The recent gust of jobs in US is now not being looked upon as good news as the soaring oil price makes the cost of living higher for the citizens. Whatsoever be the situation, the shoppers have not stopped their shopping sessions at all. Stores such as, Victoria’s Secret and Costco Wholesale Corp., offer retail sale figures that have outperformed the anticipation of Wall Street. The revenue generated is quite high in these stores while Target Corp. generated revenue that is  [...]
    at April 11th, 2011 at 05:04 am
  • New stock market investing approach: choose stocks that return in 2 folds>
    New stock market investing approach: choose stocks that return in 2 folds
    Investors often go for help to the seasoned investors who offer the advice of buying stocks that are relatively less subject to market volatility.  This advice often makes an investor land up into the situation of making bundled of stocks. However, a pro investor in the stock market won’t settle for return of stocks that ranges from 15 to 25 percent. The expert stock market investors go for stocks that can double the money. When earning money, is the motive of the investment then why to go for a risk mitigating approach which will bring return penny by penny? The ordinary stocks are not the daily cup of tea for the expert stock market investors. Just have a looks at the stocks that have doubled the return n the present stock market circumstances. Novellus Systems or NVLS, Holy Corp. or HOC,  [...]
    at April 6th, 2011 at 06:04 am
  • Tesla: A new share to invest in>
    Tesla: A new share to invest in
    Innovations and business development are highly complimentary to each other. And now we can add one more element into it; stock market. To be more precise the stock price are highly sensitive matter whenever news on new innovation is published. The recent report by Morgan Morgan Stanley has narrated about a new auto giant, Tesla, which is about to become the forth largest automobile maker in America. The electric car company is blessed with two benefits; leverage government and the growing prices of fuel. Both benefits give a high competitive edge to the car maker; government subsidy gives it a cost advantage and the oil prices give it a comparative advantage. Time is favoring Tesla to the utmost. It took not more than squat to push up the share prices of Tesla in the stock market by 20%. The  [...]
    at April 4th, 2011 at 12:04 am
  • Budget calls for America decides to improve…not for the citizens>
    Budget calls for America decides to improve…not for the citizens
    Tantrums are blowing loud in USA as the time for union budget has arrived. With every political party aiming to ride the momentum with their campaigning and request, it doesn’t seem to be good time for US. For the upcoming fiscal year the US congress is setting up a budget while the House of Representatives are coming up with propositions that will do no good to the nation’s economy. The republican majority in the government doesn’t seem to stress on the government intervention for the recovery of the economy. The only issue that is left for discussion is the reduction in government spending now. The current economic circumstance speaks of finding ways to bring about economic recovery. And recovery doesn’t limits into the high profits of corporate giants. Economic recovery also defines  [...]
    at April 1st, 2011 at 12:04 am