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  • Bag jobs even during tough economic times>
    Bag jobs even during tough economic times
    The status of a country’s economy is an indicator of almost all the markets within the boundaries of that particular nation. Obviously, job market is also included in the list of markets that are affected by the economy. And when the economy is in a downward trend the condition in job market becomes piteous. The downsizing of the economy insists the companies to cut their costs and companies pull axes to start cost-cutting with the first blow on the manpower. It results in massive unemployment and job market shows no hope for job seekers. Now, if someone says that such a job market situation can also fetch jobs, then that will never be acceptable. And you will probably take it as a shoddy joke. But there are several time tested strategies that shows desirable results in job search, even during  [...]
    at January 27th, 2011 at 04:01 am
  • United Way takes Credit Counseling beyond Central New York>
    United Way takes Credit Counseling beyond Central New York
    Recent news on credit counseling in America will bring smiles on million faces. The United Way has decided to team up with Consumer Credit Counseling Service of New York and offer counseling services to people who are suffering from credit, debt and budgeting issues. Consumer Credit Counseling Service of New York or CCCS is non-profit organization that offers financial counseling and related assistance to families and individuals all over central New York. The counselors of this non-profit agency are certified to help individuals with debt repayment and their service is free of cost to people of any income level. So far only the clients of CCCS i.e., people staying in central New York use to avail their consumer credit counseling services. But with the advent of this collaboration with United  [...]
    at January 24th, 2011 at 12:01 am
  • New Debt Management Plan in Atlanta: Remedy for Debt Burdens>
    New Debt Management Plan in Atlanta: Remedy for Debt Burdens
    We often find ourselves in deep waters while managing our debts. One can be in real trouble I he is not guided by an experience debt managed advices, which will help him to create an effective debt management plan. This is a common problem in all families as the earning members go crazy to search for a suitable debt management plan. Recent news caught my attention that explained about debt management plan. This debt management plan has been designed to help the consumers of Atlanta blighted by heavy debts. This comprehensive plan will assist consumers by in simple and easy steps to manage their debts. Moreover, lenders are willing to offer reasonably low rates of interest to the consumers who enroll themselves in this debt management plan. It is expected that consumers who enroll themselves  [...]
    at January 19th, 2011 at 12:01 am
  • Wedding ideas on a budget waives off the effect of price rise>
    Wedding ideas on a budget waives off the effect of price rise
    We all get exhausted daily as our pockets become thin by the pressure of price rise. Yet we cannot overlook special occasions like birthday party, New Year’s celebration, Christmas and wedding. Wedding has special significance in everyone’s life and needless to say every individual wants to make his/her wedding a memorable event. But while planning to make your wedding a special one you cannot ignore the harsh realities, which includes rise in every market. Be it a product or a service, you cannot escape the effects of inflation. I have seen many people within my acquaintances, going for unconventional ideas to organize their wedding that fits their budget. Such wedding ideas on a budget are specially designed to make the event look splendid. List of wedding ideas on a budget Selecting  [...]
    at January 17th, 2011 at 12:01 am
  • Money savings tips: I wish someone had talked to me in college>
    Money savings tips: I wish someone had talked to me in college
    When the bottom fell out of the real estate market and mortgages started to be defaulted on, no one quite knew what was happening. Perhaps the system itself was to blame for everything and perhaps the individuals at the heart of that system, us consumers, were to blame. But I do know one thing for sure; the generation (and generations) prior to our own had no such problems since theirs was a more frugal generation while we are more consumerist by nature. Perhaps they had someone to pass on money savings tips to them, perhaps they didn’t. But I know I wish that someone had passed on some knowledge to me back when I was in college. It sure would have helped. Of course, many got suckered into buying mortgages that they couldn’t really afford, but mortgage brokers are as much to blame as  [...]
    at January 12th, 2011 at 04:01 am
  • Money matters shouldn’t matter that much to you>
    Money matters shouldn’t matter that much to you
    Sometimes, I must admit, I am guilty of thinking too much about money and how to make the most of it. It took me some time, but I realized that fixating on money matters as much as I used to is not healthy. When I say it’s unhealthy, it’s not as if it affected my health, but it did affect my social health if you know what I mean. Look, I know I write about money matters full-time. And yes, I do have money on my mind more often than not. But there is such a thing as over-indulging in something and perhaps I crossed that line. Perhaps. Just because I know my nuts and bolts when it comes to money matters doesn’t mean I will never ever make a money mistake. I too will goof up at some point or the other and come to think of it, I’ve made several errors that I look back at and realize I could  [...]
    at January 10th, 2011 at 03:01 am
  • Knowledge sharing is not the best of ideas at all times>
    Knowledge sharing is not the best of ideas at all times
    Those that know me will attest to the fact that I am quite helpful as people go. I freely offer to help whenever I can and whenever someone wants to pick my brain I am open to a round of knowledge sharing. And yes, very often I too like to get some information to file away in my mind. It is a process of give and take I quite enjoy honestly, but there are many occasions on which this whole process of knowledge sharing is one way traffic. Sometimes I’ve given unhelpful or misleading answers and I have to be able to know when someone is playing me for a fool and when they’re not. In card-playing terms, I am tipping my hand early. Of course, clueless and widespread paranoia is not the answer to this. Not every will try to misinform me, and I know this well. In fact, I have seen that giving  [...]
    at January 5th, 2011 at 12:01 am
  • Marginal tax rates and how they are set to impact you in 2011>
    Marginal tax rates and how they are set to impact you in 2011
    A few weeks ago, President Obama along with the Congress gave life to a bill that would see an extension of the Bush era tax cuts. Now if the Republicans hadn’t gained a majority in the house, it most certainly wouldn’t have passed. But facts are facts and it most certainly did pass. H.R.4853 is what you have to look out for. For some time now, there has been talk that Congress would start to only tax the rich in an increased manner, but the November election scotched all of that. The Democrats and President Obama had not option but to deal with the marginal tax rates in this manner. So what does all of this mean for you, for the tax brackets, for the marginal tax rates and for the year 2011? What it means is that these rules will remain as is for the next years as is and there will only  [...]
    at January 3rd, 2011 at 01:01 am
  • Frugal living and myths surrounding it>
    Frugal living and myths surrounding it
    I hear people tell me that frugal living is overhyped and a bit of a negative influence and I can’t help but be tickled pink by such rubbish. Many of the people that run down frugal living barely give it a chance. I’m going to try and dispel a few months on frugal living, if you’ll just bear with me. Myth 1: Hunting for deals is a pain Personally, I love the thrill of the chase. Hunting for deals gives me greater satisfaction than just putting the cash straight down to buy anything at all. It could be something as big as a car or a house or it could be something as simple as groceries, I just enjoy hunting for deals. It’s barely drudgery like some people say it is. I recently saved $25 on shopping for my son, and all because I got my wife to log in toMr. Rebates before she checked out  [...]
    at January 1st, 2011 at 12:01 am