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  • Ditches That First Time Home Buyers Generally Face!>
    Ditches That First Time Home Buyers Generally Face!
    If you are a dabbler in property purchase market, just watch out for these mistakes that you might commonly make, Specially First time home buyers. Getting Turned On By Flashy Features: There was this bungalow in my neighborhood that was once occupied by a celebrity. The present owner put up the sale price as $14 million just because it had some personal furniture of the famous figure. A fan of that celeb would generally fall for the house, but I wouldn’t. Is it worth spending such a huge amount of money just for some vicarious celebrity feelings?  All my celebrity euphoria will melt down once I start paying up the loan that I take for purchasing the property. Don’t Fall For Facilities That Are No Use To You: Are you impressed by that huge swimming pool in the bungalow lawn that you’ve  [...]
    at October 30th, 2009 at 01:10 am
  • Beware Of These Types of Internet Scams>
    Beware Of These Types of Internet Scams
    Have you got a mail from a “big guy” of some country who has fallen in trouble and wants to keep his money in your account for some days? Don’t ever fall for this scam! You might end up being behind bars for playing accomplice to the sender of this mail. This is not the only scam doing the rounds. There are a plethora of Internet scams that keep happening every now and then. The advantage of not coming into personal contact with the victim or the venue of crime gives the perpetrator of crime an opportunity to get away. A person sitting in some remote part of the world mishandles your bank account by fooling you and gets away. Isn’t it difficult for you to catch him/her? Here are some exemplary types of internet scams that have been happening for almost a decade now. Just take a note  [...]
    at October 29th, 2009 at 07:10 am
  • Young Investors, Don’t Let This Recession Dampen Your Spirits!>
    Young Investors, Don’t Let This Recession Dampen Your Spirits!
    The psychological effect of recession is deep and long lasting. According to AFL-CIO Young Workers Report , today, the young generation, especially those in the age group of 20- 35 years of age were one of the worst hit by the recession. Many of them could not start off with independent lives because they did not have the resources to. Making business investments is something that they are apprehensive about owing to their shaky finances. Even though the economic crisis might appear a temporary thing, it has deep-rooted impact on the psyche of the common man. In the past, during the Great Depression, people developed a habit of being thrifty and they continued that throughout their lives. Misers, you get a chance to pass off your hoarding nature under the guise of frugality learned during economic  [...]
    at October 28th, 2009 at 01:10 am
  • Master Card Money Manager Helps You Budget Your Expenditure>
    Master Card Money Manager Helps You Budget Your Expenditure
    If you thought credit card companies are clever, money-making organizations that cash on your weakness for spending and loaning, you are mistaken for once. Here’s a company that helps you in actually budgeting your credit card debt so that you don’t fall into hassles with repayment of the money loaned. MasterCard has come up with its Money Manager which is its web-based personal finance and budgeting service. Now, have you heard about any credit card company do this before? I’ve seen credit card companies devising ways in which they could make you spend more and depend on them for finances. But this is one company that is actually acting as a mentor in your money crediting patterns so that you develop good crediting discipline. According to Consumer Loan Wire, Keith Sultemeir, CFO security  [...]
    at October 27th, 2009 at 01:10 am
  • Counterfeiting Masterminds You Might Care To Know!>
    Counterfeiting Masterminds You Might Care To Know!
    A crime is a crime no matter what the intention! Whenever I come across a beautifully masterminded scam, I feel sorry for the brains responsible for that because had they utilized their intelligence, skills and expertise with altruistic intentions, they would have done a lot of good to society and for themselves too. Here are the best counterfeiting examples of all times that you can have a look at to understand the finesse with which they have been done. Fake Check Game Frank William Abnagale Jr., the king of fake check counterfeits, managed to pass $2.5 million via fake checks over a period of 5 years in about 26 countries. Difficult it was to catch him,(that’s why the movie Catch Me If You Can was made inspired by him) , but eventually his game was cracked when an Air France employee identified  [...]
    at October 26th, 2009 at 01:10 am
  • Will The New Age Economic Reforms Prevent Another Recession?>
    Will The New Age Economic Reforms Prevent Another Recession?
    To err is human. This present day recession is a consequence of errors made by the people of America regarding finances. All the three parties, the government, the entrepreneurs and the consumers are all culprits in the money mess. Financial aid agencies have also greatly contributed to this economic crisis which had a lot to teach people about faulty management of economy. By observing the mistakes made and learning from them, the government has come up with reforms that aim to take care of all the loopholes of the economic system that were revealed by the crisis so that another crises does not repeat again. Of all the major flaws; predatory savings, credit and investment practices by financially aiding companies seem be a major factor of concern in the new economy. The government has mentioned  [...]
    at October 21st, 2009 at 11:10 pm
  • Prepaid Cellphones Seem To Be Hot Favorites Now>
    Prepaid Cellphones Seem To Be Hot Favorites Now
    The prepaid billing system seems to be replacing the post paid system very soon in the cellphone industry. Many cell phone subscribers are finding the prepaid option very attractive in comparison to the post paid because you only pay for the services only when you want to use them, you’re only charged call charges. The post paid billing systems on the other hand; require you to pay up monthly subscription charges as well as maintenance charges apart from call charges. Now, that being a more costly option, customers are shifting over to the prepaid system, especially during these weak economic times. The prepaid polarization does not seem to be favored much by the wireless service providers because they relied heavily on postpaid connectivity services for their income. But some of them have  [...]
    at October 20th, 2009 at 02:10 am
  • Want To Rent Out Your Property? Think About Taxes>
    Want To Rent Out Your Property? Think About Taxes
    Now’s not the time to sell your property because it’ll fetch you very less money. So what do you think you should do to make it fetch you revenue? You can’t probably keep it idle when it can earn you money. The best alternative for you would be to hire it out so that you get monthly rentals on that. Rentals are a lucrative option these days. You can earn money on your property till you find a favorable time to sell it out. But when you rent out your home, you might get into tax hassles which will figure out when you want to sell it. It’ll be better for you to know all these tax nuances when you rent out your apartment so that you are better prepared to handle it. To begin with if you sell your property if you sell your property for less than the tax basis, you cannot simply claim tax  [...]
    at October 17th, 2009 at 01:10 am
  • Financial Institutions – They Are Not Lenders, They Are Suckers!>
    Financial Institutions – They Are Not Lenders, They Are Suckers!
    Financial institutions are not those good Samaritans who help you out of financial crises out of sympathy and empathy like good friends. Well, I’m not saying that they should donate you money out of charity, but just see the kind of financial complications they put you in! Nowadays, when banks and mortgaging companies lend you money, they do so by charging you fees , many of which , turn out to be irrelevant or highly exorbitant. Apart from that, their terms and conditions also may be difficult to comply with. Here are some points that you could consider while going for that credit loan next time you need money. Charging Interest On 0 Percent Balance You might pay off your credited balance by the due date, but even then you might be charged interest on it. For example, you buy a $ 1,200 computer  [...]
    at October 15th, 2009 at 11:10 pm
  • Don’t Stop Your 401(K) Contributions!>
    Don’t Stop Your 401(K) Contributions!
    Contributions to the 401(K) retirement savings seem to have reached a low in the present times, owing to the scarcity of money and job layoffs. Insurance savings of all types have seen a low and many companies stopped the 401(K) plan. Ford Motor, Motorola, Eastman Kodak all have stopped their 401(K) retirement benefits to their employees for some time now. When the economy improves you’ll see everything returning to normal. But don’t stop your 401(K) contributions because there are still a lot of benefits by continuing the contributions. Tax Advantage 401(k) is known for the tax benefits that it offers. Your contributions for the 401(K) will be reduced from your gross income which will automatically lower your taxable income. Keeping this money in your savings or any unqualified account  [...]
    at October 14th, 2009 at 01:10 am