How to Write an Email While Sending Resume?

How to Write an Email While Sending Resume?

December 5th, 2011 at 07:12 am
Nowadays, most job applicants prefer sending their resumes by email in the form of an attachment. While sending resumes through email the job seeker must make sure that the body of the email is written in a certain way and includes some specific information. This article will inform you how to write an email while sending your resume. The resume document must be named after your name. You can also include the position  [...]
  • Hottest Jobs in the Green Sector
    Hottest Jobs in the Green Sector
    As we start focusing more and more on the benefits of green energy and technology, there are a great number of jobs being created in the process. There are plenty of jobs available in the sector, and as long as you have decent qualifications,  [...]
    by at August 22nd, 2011 at 12:08 am
  • Bag jobs even during tough economic times
    Bag jobs even during tough economic times
    The status of a country’s economy is an indicator of almost all the markets within the boundaries of that particular nation. Obviously, job market is also included in the list of markets that are affected by the economy. And when  [...]
    by at January 27th, 2011 at 04:01 am
  • Playing ball with Wall Street
    Playing ball with Wall Street
    For most of these college graduate’s, the dream was to play in college football’s national championship, and from there perhaps on to the big leagues as a professional. But there is an altogether different pot of gold waiting for  [...]
    by at October 1st, 2010 at 12:10 am

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    Net banking has made our banking very much easier and simpler now one can bank from home or office. Net banking lets you access your account on the internet for transaction inquiry, mutual funds, investments, fixed deposits, bill payments, cash and draft delivery and pick up and many other features. Here is the outcome of a discussion held recently to get to know more about net banking. To access Net Banking you need a user –id and a password which can be generated on line.  The one time pass word (OTP) registration service is an enhanced security feature that enables high value transactions and an array of other services in Net banking. To keep you up-to date on your account activity, the banks send you alerts on your mobile or email id, informing you about all your net banking transactions. With Net banking you can work out  [...]
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  • Know About the Cash On EMI Facility
      You may have a sound financial background and credibility and high credit ratings, but at times when you are faced with a financial problem, and loans are scarce and difficult to arrange, you have the option to take advantage of CASH ON EMI facility on your credit card. The Cash on EMI, allows the credit card holder to take a cash advance on his credit card and repay the same in equated monthly installments, and the bank will charge interest for the same. However under this scheme, the funds can only be used for your personal use and cannot be utilized for any investment purposes, or in equity shares, debentures, convertible bonds or units. The Cash on EMI facility is available for specified period of time according to the terms and conditions and the same facility can be discontinued by foreclosure of the loan availed. During  [...]
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  • Tax Structure in Real Estate
    Real estate is booming and with rising prices it is one of the most viable investment options and brings in appreciation and gains at any given point; however real estate is burdened with heavy taxes which impact the buyer as well as the seller of the property. Let us analyze the tax structure related to real- estate. Stamp duty tax is imposed in the sale agreement to give a legal status to the transaction, and in case the property is not duly registered and stamp duty not paid, in case of a legal litigation the transaction is not admissible in the court of law and the courts will be disinclined to entertain your case. Stamp duty is payable on the agreement value, which differs in different states. To conserve and maintain the records of the property, it has to be duly registered by the registering officer  and the registration  [...]
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  • Know About Savings Bank Accounts
      Savings are your hard earned earnings which you keep secure in your savings account and withdraw from time to time according to your needs. When you open and operate a savings account in any of the banks it is imperative to be well versed with the terms and conditions applicable to the savings accounts. You must keep a check on the number of transactions, cash withdrawals etc can be done free of charge within a given period and ensure that you follow the same else bank charges will be levied on the same. Check out in detail all the bank charges applicable to a savings account. Check out the rate at which interest is paid on your savings deposits, and how it is calculated and its periodicity. The minimum balance must be maintained at all times, and this differs from bank to bank, and failure to maintain minimum balance may  [...]
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  • Legal Methods To Evade Tax
    Evading taxes is a crime, but avoiding and saving taxes is right of every law abiding citizen and there are many strategies structured to save your taxes and bring down your tax liabilities. Some of the methods one can opt for saving taxes are- 1. Tax laws permit investors to adjust the cost of the asset to inflation during the holding period, and with inflation has been the cause of worry for most of us, the tax payer can take advantage of the indexation and reduce their tax bills, however not all investments are covered under this item and only certain capital assets, debt funds, gold ETFs are eligible for deduction. 2. If you gift money to your wife, and the same is invested in her name, the tax laws will club her income with yours and the advantage is that the clubbing takes place at the first level of income, and if the money  [...]
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  • Importance and ways of saving money
    Saving money is very essential for everybody for crisis management as well as for post retirement.  Saving can be done in different ways at different ages. Develop the habit of savings right from your first earned income and continue the saving, which will help you as you keep growing older.  Every person has his own way of earning, either in form of business or through salary if one is doing a job.  One has to plan his household expenses as per his income and prepare a budget and also plan savings for secured future. One may have some money left every month or every few months after contributing to the household and other needs.  This money can be saved meaningfully for future needs.  Everybody has a bank account.  After contributing to the family, you may have surplus money left.  Though banks give timely interests on your  [...]
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  • News about the Indian Budget 2013-14
    The budget presented by the finance minister P C Chidambaram was an event which may bring reforms and give a momentum to the failing growth of the Indian economy. It may be considered as the populist budget and focus seems to be laying a red carpet for the investors who are shy and reluctant to invest in the country where Red tapism and corruption is rampant and has triggered a wave of discontent and disappointment among the common men. The budget focuses on the pushing investments particularly in payday loans online of the infrastructure sector, but on the inflation factor the budget failed to provide relief to the common man, whose survival has become a nightmare due to rising prices. Over a period of time the budget has lost its importance and is just a window dressing to appease the public and win elections  but budget plans  need to be implemented  [...]
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  • Journal Entry to Final Balance Sheet
    Even through the entire accounting system is now totally IT based, the basics followed are the same.  Many accounting packages have come out with sophisticated features to manage the entire financial accounts of a company.  Accounting packages like Tally, or any other software is designed with basic accounting principles of debit and credit, journal entry, ledger posting, and final profit and loss account and balance sheet. Financial accounting and other finance details start with the initial journal entries which follow the common rule of debit and credit where receiver account is debited and outgoing account is credited.  For example if you make a credit purchase from a trader, the purchase account is debited and the party’s account is credited.  After purchase, the process of production takes place and then you sell the  [...]
    Posted at March 12th, 2013 at 12:03 am
  • Meaning of Skilled Leadership
    The difference between the common man and the leader is that leader is a person who is willing to take additional responsibilities and has the ability to handle more than the common man. This holds true also for skilled leadership in corporate world today, the ability to move on with confidence without fearing for the pitfalls or the backlash in the due course of day to day activities of the complex business world. The skilled leader today is the complete pack of class, style, body language and etiquette, vocal communication, business practises, ethics and a street smart strategy in all situations. A true skilled leader with a strong personality can create likability and confidence in his team, with his clients and business associates. He has the ability to hold discussion without dispute. A skilled leaders needs to cultivate and  [...]
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  • Gaming Earns Top Revenue in Asia-Pacific Region
    Exciting economic growth is being reported within the Asia-Pacific region. This is according to a recent which specifically focuses on growth seen in Australia and New Zealand as well as Asia. The growth mentioned is occurring within the gaming sectors which are growing despite sluggish sectors in other parts of the economy. There are many reasons for this growth. One of these is advances that have occurred in technology that help to boost online gaming revenue. Users can now play not only from their computer but using new mobile casinos though sites like CasinoOnline.co.nz, which allow gambling literally anywhere a signal can be obtained. Successful advertising campaigns have also helped draw attention to the sites. Revenues in both regions have increased. Within Australia, there has been  a 3.3% growth in a burgeoning area of  [...]
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